Sanwood Fine Carpentry & Construction Inc.
Every detail of a custom SanWood product is a result of deliberate design and attention. We meticulously hand pick every component of a project. This ensures that every nail and panel, every texture and finish, every crevice and space is positioned, installed, and created with efficient quality in order to provide complete customer satisfaction. We understand that every project is unique but expectations of quality should never fall below outstanding. Expect outstanding results in your next construction project with the full support of an experienced SanWood team.

Services Provided
We take pride in producing quality works of carpentry to the San Diego community. We have built our name much like we craft our projects, through efficiency and client driven priorities. Our carpentry products, as well as contracting services, highlight our attitude towards customer satisfaction.
Contact: Carlos Sanchez
Location: 4514 Federal Blvd. Ste. D
San Diego, CA 92102
License Number: 889908