SwanfieldLiving by Christina Svaneeng Mertz was recently established and is based in Copenhagen, Vedbæk. As one of few interior design studios based in Denmark, the company works with different types of projects depending on the clients needs. Anything from luxury residentials, family homes to commercial and overseas projects. The signature work of SwanfieldLiving always combine a creative timeless approach with a elegance of classic style mixed with new contemporary interiors. The team provides help with the development through drawings, presentations and cost estimates and coordinates the work of contractors. SwanfieldLiving is responsible for planning the use and layout of the space and decorating with colour, bespoke furniture and fixtures. Together we work out budget and timeframe, so the client can relax with peace of mind, trusting the work will be carried out to perfection within time and on budget. Christina and her team, offers a highly personalised service, building strong client relationships, always tailoring our approach to meet each individual client’s needs.

Services Provided
Interior Design and Home Styling

Areas Served
We are a International Interior Design Studio, that has worked in many different countries already. Holiday homes abroad, Danish homes and in other Scandinavian countries. We are more than happy to fligh out to international clients.
Contact: Christina Mertz
Location: Svestrupvej
Typical Job Costs: DKK 15,000 - DKK 500,000
We decorate with affordable luxury and buy most interiors engros which gives the client an advance by using our Design Studio. SwanfieldLivings fee depends on the total budget.
Commented: Xoxo Game It's from ArtWood
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Commented: Chairs Kelly Hoppen
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Commented: Wallpaper It's not made anymore, but it was from GP & J Baker
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Commented: interior design Symmetry is a key and make the rooms as square or rectangular as possible, depending on the room.
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Commented: Love these sofas—where are they from? Ikea sofas named 'Stockholm'
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Commented: RUG Hi - It's bespoke from JAB
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