The Garage Guy
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The Garage Guy, formerly Garage Storage and More has delighted Cincinnati homeowners with custom garage solutions for over 11 years. Expert cabinetmaker, designer and owner Jeff Hickcox knows that every garage is distinctly different, so creative designs, flexibility and custom solutions are part of his daily offering.

Services Provided
Garage Makeovers
Garage Flooring
Garage Cabinets
Garage Wall Systems

Areas Served
Greater Cincinnati, Loveland Ohio, Mason OH, Northern Kentucky
Contact: Jeff Hickcox
Location: Goshen, OH 45122
Commented: Customizing my garage I've been doing garage makeovers for 14 years now. I have never witnessed a diy floor coating ever work. I seriously suggest calling a pro for any garage floor coating needs. It is expensive, but i...
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Commented: Flooring SwissTrax
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Commented: What's the cost of this type of floor? We always like to keep an open mind on new products. However, we would have to see the product in person in order to give you our thoughts on the product.
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Commented: Lights These lights were acquired by the home owner. I believe they were re-purposed from a previous use.
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Commented: What product is used to hang the items along the walls? Thanks. Got your message. I always hated the way that angle iron looked. I'm going to add one your images to my ipad portfolio for those discriminating customers
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Commented: Is the floor easy to clean up messes such as oil or urine if used in a doghouse? This floor is great. If you did have an unexpected oil leak, the tile can easily be removed and you can clean up the mess under the tile. We like to use a paint can opener to unsnap tile from the mi...
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