Sean Woolsey Studio
Well hello!
I am Sean Woolsey.
I am a furniture designer, artist, and craftsman living in Southern CA. I focus on fine art and handmade furniture designed built to last for generations. I create pieces of meaning, that will last years, and hope the owners are as proud to own it as we were to make it.
I have been influenced by my father, who was a stained glass artist and film photographer. I gleaned as much as I could from him while growing up, and we even shared a studio for several years. I grew up skateboarding, building skate ramps, and tearing apart things to see how they were made. I still do that in fact. Things got more formal when I took some classes and had an apprenticeship. I set up my own studio soon after in 2011. We are proud to make everything within a 35-mile radius of our Costa Mesa studio, and ship worldwide.
Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese philosophy, is also a large influence on my work and life. It recognizes the beauty in imperfect things which bear the imprint of time. Wabi Sabi is about the minor and the hidden, the tentative and the ephemeral. It finds true beauty in the organic.
My art is episodic and experimental, and largely inspired by the outdoors and my travels. Whether on copper, sheet metal, or canvas, my work is all original and collected worldwide.
I live in Costa Mesa with my beautiful wife Sara and daughter Ondine.

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