VisuaLingual is a design/print studio based in Cincinnati, OH, founded by a Brooklynite and a Hoosier. We make an assortment of housewares, apparel, gardening and other products as well as client-based graphic design projects.

Services Provided
product development and design, graphic design

Areas Served
home accessories, artwork, garden products
Contact: Maya Drozdz
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Commented: Lamp The vintage ceramic base is by Jane and Gordon Martz of Marshall Studios. The custom shade is a contemporary replacement. You can find Martz lamps on eBay and in vintage stores; more info about them i...
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Commented: How do you open the cabinets? You should use the bottom lip of any cabinet door.
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Commented: Please Hi there! Unfortunately, these photos are so old that we no longer have the high-res versions, and I don't think this small photo would be of much use to you.
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Commented: Carafe and goblets with cross The carafe and goblets are part of a Modern ecumenical line by Marshall Studios, a once-prominent pottery company that was based in Veedersburg, IN. I'd suggest looking in vintage stores or on eBay. H...
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Commented: where is the red office chair from? It was purchased from Design Within Reach almost 10 years ago. It's an Italian manufacturer; that's all I remember.
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Commented: Coffee table The tabletop is a California job case -- drawer with compartments to store letterpress type. We got it at an antique shop and added wooden legs and a thick piece of glass on top to make it a coffeetab...
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