Yohanna Jessup | Painting Sacred Spaces
Hello, I'm Yohanna Jessup, the creator of Painting Sacred Spaces - an intuitive process that combines meditative awareness and wall painting techniques.
I help people turn lifeless rooms into vibrant living spaces that support who they are, as well as who they want to be.
Contact: Yohanna Jessup
Location: 2924 Santa Clara Ave #3
Commented: How was this wall created, stencils and spray paint? Hi bschultz2, No spray paint involved! Or stencils either. Multiple layers of colored glaze were layered to build up different intensities of color. The floral element was projected on and paint...
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Commented: What is the color shade on the wall? Hi anaa mika, The paint color is Sherwin Williams "Torchlight" SW6374. The paint has been diluted with Sherwin Williams Faux Impressions acrylic glaze and two coats of it were applied. That's why it...
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