10-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set With Silicone Strainer Lids
10-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set With Silicone Strainer Lids
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Inspired by the fast paced culinary competition show, Chopped cookware allows you to prepare a meal with confidence, agility and time to spare. The Chopped 10pc aluminum cookware set is built to withstand many everyday cooking challenges with built in silicone straining lids and dual handed pour spouts. The silicone rims on the lids grip the pan providing a firm fit. Each lid features two different sized strainer holes that work with the built in spouts to allow you to save time and strain directly from the pan, speeding up the cooking process and eliminating the need for additional colanders or straining devices. The straining lids are especially handy when cooking pastas or straining out soups and stocks. The dual sided pour spouts on the sauce pans and stock pots are designed to work with both a right and left handed grip depending on which is most comfortable for you. The pour spouts themselves can be used with or without the straining lid and eliminate drips down the side of the pan when pouring As an added benefit, the vented glass Lids with silicone rims hold moisture for more flavorful cooking while reducing the opportunity for boil-overs.

Delivering a winning dish requires consistency every time. The three millimeter heavy gauge aluminum construction minimizes hot spots by distributing heat evenly throughout the pan for the ultimate cooking performance. The stay cool ergonomic handles give you the agility to move quickly by not necessarily needing a hot pad to move the pan on the stove. The stainless steel handles are riveted to the vessel for added durability while the handle itself is covered with a stay-cool silicone coating that features comfortable built in finger indentations that guide your hand to the correct spot to grip the handle. This handle design, combined with the pour spouts allow you to move from the stovetop to plating with ease.

Chopped aluminum cookware focuses the ease of cooking and clean up. Our durable Quantanium nonstick coating consistently delivers exceptionally release due to its unique design. The nonstick coating is titanium infused for durability and applied with three individual layers. The first two layers give the coating the durability it needs to be metal utensil friendly, while the third layer insures superior release while still allowing proteins to brown and sear. Food slides right out every time, allowing you to simply wipe the pan and continue cooking.
The Chopped 10pc cookware set is dishwasher safe. The flat lids have been designed to fit on the pans upside down for easy stacking and storage.

Chopped cookware empowers the home chef to take on the toughest cooking challenges from searing, to sautéing, frying to steaming or anything else that inspires a great dish.
  • Aluminum construction - ensures fast even heating to minimize hot spots
  • PFOA free Quantanium Titanium infused triple layer nonstick coating for durability and superior release
  • Cook With Less Fat - Because foods will slide on the pan surface
  • Vented tempered glass lids reduce boil overs
  • Built in straining rims help to retain moisture and eliminates need for a colander
  • Drip free dual sided pour spouts for right or left handed use
  • Stay cool comfort grip silicone handles
  • Oven safe to 400°F (204°C) Ideal for finishing foods at the perfect temperature
  • Works on all cooking surfaces including induction
  • Dishwasher Safe
2 qt Saucepan, 3 qt saucepan, 6 qt Dutch Oven, 3 qt saute, 8" &10" Fry pans

10-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set With Silicone Strainer LidsBy Chopped
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