16.5 oz. Floral Jar Candle, English Lavender
16.5 oz. Floral Jar Candle, English Lavender
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Lavender is a very relaxing aroma, and is often used in aromatherapy to reduce stress, and to help you sleep. Our Lavender is based on the English variety, and because we use essential oils, is very accurate. Our Beautiful English Lavender Jar Candles are a modern touch of elegance that will compliment any home decor, and are the perfect size for allowing a single wick to burn all the way to the edges and all the way to the bottom. All of our Floral candles feature a clean burning, self trimming, natural fiber wick. Our classic container wax is composed of a super soft paraffin petrolatum blend, which allows us to add up to more fragrance to each candle than traditional candles without the fragrance bleeding out. Our classic wax blend also features a low melting point making for a faster melt and better scent throw.

16.5 oz. Floral Jar Candle, English LavenderBy Shortie's Candle Company
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  • English Lavender

    10 Colors: English Lavender

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