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Consigned 1930 Mother Child Dogs Statue  Art Deco/Mid-Century Modern Vintage
Consigned 1930 Mother Child Dogs Statue Art Deco/Mid-Century Modern Vintageby EuroLuxHome
Product Details Item #: 5-424-0 Dimensions (inches): 13.75H x 24.25W x 5.50D Comment: This beautiful vintage French chalkware statue features a sweet moment between a mother, her child, and the family dogs. The vintage Art Deco or Mid-Century Modern statue dates to 1930, and it will charm you and your guests wherever you display it in your home. Origin: France Date: 1930 Material: CHALKWAREChalkware is a term that refers to decorative items made out of gypsum, which were very popular from the late 18th century through the 1930s. Gypsum is a mineral compound also called sulphate of lime, which is usually found underground near limestone deposits. Raw gypsum is a pure white crystal called alabaster. When gypsum is heated, the resulting white powder is called burnt gypsum, also known as Plaster of Paris for the large gypsum deposit at Montmartre in Paris. Ordinary schoolroom chalk is also a form of burnt gypsum. Gypsum is easily cast into sculptures and decoration for frames, but is quite soft and breaks easily. Availability: Available for Immediate Shipment Condition Condition: GOOD In overall good condition. Antique and vintage items by their very nature show normal wear to finish and miscellaneous scratches, nicks, and dings due to age and use. As we define 'good condition' relative to the stated age of the piece, we would expect to see 'character marks' consistent with that age and could include nicks or dings on a piece of furniture, normal separation at joints in wood due to expansion and contraction over time, minor damage to veneer has been stabilized, most locks functioning, most drawers and doors open or slide easily, some original trim may be missing or has been replaced with genuine period-correct substitutes or new reproductions, and there may be one or more splits in the wood due to age and use. If there has been a break in the marble, it has been repaired and the repair may be visible. There may be minor restoration that is visible. Chairs considered 'good condition' may have professional structural repairs but are considered to be structurally sound. These types of repairs may be visible upon close inspection. Upholstered items may show wear consistent with age and use and may need to be reupholstered. EuroLux Antiques makes no representation regarding the comfort of chairs or useability for the customer's particular application. Item Specifics: Shows normal wear to finish due to age and use. Additional Information Mark: EuroLux Home Object: StatueRead More
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