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Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

Back Chipped Frameless Oval Mirror, 22" X 32"
Back Chipped Frameless Oval Mirror, 22" X 32"by Glass Design LLC$149(29)
This mirror is a unique and creative alternative to the beveled frameless oval mirror. This frameless mirror has been artistically created by hand to adorn your home. These mirrors are made with flare. The chipped edge is based in history and has been transformed to reveal a modern look. Originally chipped on both sides my scalloped edge is created by removing multiple chips from the back of the mirror. The edge of the mirror is chipped towards the back of the mirror. This removes the backing and silvering from the edge but the glass remains. This allows you to see through the jagged edge of the chip. You can actually see the wall behind the mirror. It also shows more of the green color of the glass. I am also able to get more of a dramatic chip from the back. Not only is light being reflected from a wider edge surface, it is also being reflected through the irregular shape from the chip. This makes the light dance and sing from the edge. All mirrors are made from full 1/4 inch plate mirror. 1/4 inch plate mirror is the top of the line for make up and shaving mirrors in bathrooms. The backing is made from 3/16" hardboard. No expense is spared on quality or safety. The hardboard is primed on the mirror side with special mastic primer. Ultra bond mastic is used as the adhesive and multiple strips of two faces mirror tape are use to create a mechanical bond. Hangers are riveted to the hardboard with 3/16" x 1/4" rivets. This is one of the best systems on the market. Unlike buying a cheap mirror from the box store where they send you a strip of two faced tape as a hanger. The cheap, thin mirrors from the box stores can not compare on quality or reflection.Read More