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Pedestal sinks, with their simple basin and long supporting neck, provide the purest form of sink on the market. What they lack in storage they make up for in design — their slim profile creates more visual space which tricks the eye into thinking there’s more room than there actually is. If you’re looking to save space without skimping on design, consider the following information for picking the best pedestal sink for your bathroom.

Pick the Perfect Pedestal Sink

Their standalone design makes them great for powder rooms and small bathrooms with limited floor space. Since they are supported by both the pedestal and the wall (with a mounting bracket), there’s no need to have a wide base on the floor to balance the weight of the sink, which means you can cozy right up to wash your hands or stash a stylish wastebasket underneath. You will need to factor in the things listed below when choosing which one will work best for you.

Storage A pedestal vanity can be relatively inexpensive compared to its larger storage vanity counterpart, but you’ll have to invest in storage elsewhere if you really need it, like a medicine cabinet or linen cabinet. If all you need is a spot to fit the essentials, like toothpaste and hand soap, look for an option with a small rim to help keep them in place.

Faucets Another consideration when purchasing your pedestal bathroom sink is the faucet design. Single-handle faucets are easy to clean around and provide an extra inch or two of counter space, but a more traditional three-hole faucet design allows for separate hot and cold water and will lend a classic feel to the space.

Design The style of pedestals can vary greatly, so don’t feel like you’re stuck with creating a traditional space if that’s not what you’re craving. If modern is more your speed, go for a pedestal vanity that is sleek and smooth without any extra edge detailing. Going for something more eclectic? Find a design that has a unique vessel bowl in colored glass or an interesting stone.

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