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Inviting and cozy, corner bathtubs are ideal for creating a luxurious soaking space within a smaller bathroom. Typically shaped like a curved triangle, they often feature two sides that are attached to the wall, and one straight or curved edge.

Why Should You Choose a Corner Bathtub?

If you’re tight on space, but love the look and feel of a soaking tub, corner bathtubs are a great alternative. They often come with rounded edges, perfect for leaning back and enjoying a long bubble bath. For extra convenience, you can find corner baths with shelf space around the edges to hold soaps and shampoos. Finally, just like alcove bathtubs, corner baths can work well with showers, as they’re meant to be positioned up against the bathroom wall.

Which Features Should You Look For?

Corner baths are ideal for sitting and soaking — and extra features to make your bath feel even more like a jacuzzi might be worth it. Tubs with higher edges will help you feel fully submerged, and you can even find those with slanted edges for comfortable leaning. Whirlpool corner tubs come with massaging jets for the ultimate relaxation hour. If you prefer a gentler massage, look for models with air jets, which pump hot air through the tub’s vents.

Can a Corner Tub Fit with Your Bathroom?

To ensure your new tub fits seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom, consider what sort of style, detailing and size you’ll need to look for. Undermount corner tubs feature tiling or stone slab around their edges, which helps them blend in with your flooring and countertops. Drop-in tubs have even more of a built-up platform around them — which might be made of tile, teak or stone — and offer a striking focal point. If you’re working with a particularly compact space, you can still find small corner bathtubs to fit; sometimes models that are deeper than they are wide can do the trick.

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