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Cast Iron Bathtubs



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If you want a high-quality bathtub that’ll last for years to come, going with a cast iron tub is a great choice. Cast iron is an incredibly durable and heavy material that’s known for holding heat particularly well — meaning you won’t have to keep adding hot water while you’re enjoying a long soak. To protect against water damage, they also have an enameled glaze, so all you see is a smooth, glossy surface. If you think a cast iron tub may be in your future, keep the following design tips and ideas in mind.

Choose an Installation Method

When it comes to choosing a new bathtub, the first thing you should determine is how you’ll be installing it. It’s hard to beat the classic beauty of a freestanding cast iron tub with claw feet. But if your bathroom is already set up for a shower-bath combo, you can also find alcove bathtubs that can be built into the space. If you’d like some counter space for storing soap, bubble bath or even setting down a book, look for drop-in tubs. These can be set into a built up area for a luxurious bathing experience.

Pick a Style You Love

Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or elegant and traditional, you should be able to find a cast iron tub that suits your space. If you’re going for a vintage or antique farmhouse look, focus on clawfoot tubs or those in a pastel green or blue finish. On the other hand, freestanding bathtubs with a crisp white finish and smooth lines are ideal for modern bathrooms. You should also consider what will be the most comfortable. Slipper tubs that rise up on one or both ends are perfect for leaning back during a luxurious soaking session.

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