Black & White Chess Set
Black & White Chess Set
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It's time to put your opponent in check mate in style with this custom Chess set from Marble Products International. Each set is impeccably designed and individually hand-crafted to perfection. The contrasting colors in each piece will add beauty to your game board like no other stone can. These hand-made marble chess sets are ideal for collectors and chess enthusiasts that want something unique, but still in a traditional style that makes play easy. Each piece is hand carved, so no two sets are ever exactly alike. These marble sets should be left out on display when possible!
  • 100% Marble
  • Each piece is hand carved
  • Dimensions: 16x16 Board, King is 3.5" & Pawns are 2" tall
  • Ideal for collectors and chess enthusiasts
  • Makes a great gift!
  • Board: 16" x 16", King is 3.5" & Pawns are 2" tall
This Product Has Been Described As:
  • black and white chess set
  • checkered chess set
  • display chess set
  • marble chess set
  • racing chess set
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