Blue Coral Fabric Aqua Ocean, Standard Cut
Blue Coral Fabric Aqua Ocean, Standard Cut
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A coral fabric with blue and aqua coral trees. An interesting ocean coral fabric for those who want something a bit different. Softly colored lacy sea fans alternate with pale, delicate coral trees. They are set in diagonal rows that alternate with darker colored, heavier corals, creating a strong diagonal pattern. The sea fans and all the tall coral trees point upward, while a short heavy tree faces the other direction; the corals and the sea fans are tonal in coloring, but the pale coral tree is solid; and the pale tree is a delicate contrast to the tonal colors that run from orange to strawberry pink, bridged by the salmon of the sea fan.
  • Please order a sample to ensure color, quality, weight and feel match your needs.
This is done in five different blue tones- dark blue, teal, green-blue, bright sky, bright aqua with black, gray and beige. The background is light beige with darker small stipplings. There has been over-printing and many shades are seen. The effect from a distance is of tonal shades of deep blue, aqua, and periwinkle blue, with pale gray on an off white background.
This fabric is 56 1/4" wide. The large dark blue coral tree is about 13 1/4" ( 33.655 cm. ) tall and about 11 3/4" (29.845 cm. ) wide, measuring along the fabric. This is a mid-weight home decorating fabric. It has a corded weave for added texture. It is perfect for curtains, cushions, duvets, etc.
  • Sold by: the yard ( 36" )
  • This is: cotton/polyester
Blue Coral Fabric Aqua Ocean, Standard CutBy Brick House Fabrics
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