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There’s nothing more unsightly and frustrating than seeing a perfectly arranged desk and home office with a mess of cords and cables sprawled around the floor. Whether it’s a laptop, computer, cell phone or iPod, everything these days seems to need to be plugged in — and there are plenty of cords to show for it.

How do you tackle this mess of home electronics? It’s time to get organized at home, with the smallest things getting resolved and tidied up first — in comes cord and cable management systems to save the day.

Corral cords and cables.

For cords and cables that are used infrequently or need to be easily portable, consider cable spools or corrals to keep them organized and accessible for the next time you need them. There is nothing worse than rummaging around for a digital camera connector just to see that it has been shoved to the back of your desk, now a tangled and knotted mess.

Create your own charging station for bundling everyday electronics.

Charging stations are great for bundling smaller and more portable home electronics like cell phones, iPods and other MP3 players or smart phones. Instead of spreading the devices and cords all over the house, create one central command charging station that can really take control of the clutter at its core.

Use cable boxes to organize even the messiest of power strips.

Power strips are a great way to get all of your cords and cables in one easy and accessible place, but the issue of managing countless tangled cables is still not resolved. Cable boxes can be a quick and painless solution. Simply pop the cover over the surge protector or power strip, and instantly conceal and protect the cords and plugs of your prized home electronics.

Find a desk designed for cable management.

These days, there are desks and desktops devoted to keeping you and your cables and workspace organized. Complete with USB hubs and AC adaptors, all electronic and technological requirements have slots and slats integrated right into the furniture. Technology and practicality are designed to a perfect union, and now, you can stop wasting time untangling your headphones and get back to work.

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