Cacoon - Double
Cacoon - Double
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Cacoon is the new hangout chillout space, the new concept for relaxation and simple fun. Designed for adults and children alike – it is, quite simply, a back to the nest adventure.
This natural new experience actually comes from nature itself. It’s a concept based on what the designers saw on holiday in Mexico – an interpretation of what the weaver bird creates by stitching together its tiny hanging nest.
For this little bird it creates a safe bolt-hole in the jungle; for you it creates your own personal space. You’re hidden away and sheltered, relaxed and relaxing, still aware of the sounds and sights around, but cocooned alone, or together, in your own private world.
Cacoon is designed by a team of professionals – creators of sails for ocean-going yachts and experts in architectural fabric and textile technology for onshore structures.

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