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Cat Beds

Just like us, cats enjoy a cozy place to sleep. While they’re perfectly content with taking over your bed, sofa or even that pile of clothes you’re busy folding, a snuggly cat bed can easily become their new favorite catnap spot. When shopping for cat beds, keep in mind your cat’s personality and how much space you have in your home.

What kinds of cat beds are there?

While sometimes a simple pad or blanket is best, there are a few different cat bed designs that have received feline approval. After you decide which style is best for you and your cat, be sure to remove any tags, loose strings and other hazards that might pose a choking hazard before you hand the new bed over to your kitty.
• Cat hammock: A cat window perch or hammock is the perfect resting spot for most any cat. This creates a snuggly, warm location for your feline friend to relax and watch all of the lively entertainment outside. A cat hammock can also be suspended between the legs of a chair if you lack space.
• Heated cat bed: Cats love to sit in warm spots, and a cat radiator bed or heated pad provides just the right amount of warmth. If it’s hot outside or if your cat has thick fur, be sure they won’t get overheated while they nap.
• Cat cave: Some cats prefer a dark, secure place where they can simply watch everything happen around them. A cat cave is the perfect spot for this type of cat, and if you can set it up in a location where they have a clear view of the rest of the house you may find it becomes their new favorite spot.

Where should I put my cat bed?

The best place for your cat’s new bed is a quiet location without much traffic. Keep in mind that your kitty will still want to keep an eye on what’s going on in your home, so a clear view of the rest of the house is also key. If your cat bed is portable, you might consider moving it to a sunny spot during the day, then to a spot closer to your own bed at night.

What other features should cat beds have?

A machine washable cover is a great feature. It allows you to quickly wash away any shed fur. Just make sure that it dries thoroughly before you slip it back on so mold and mildew don’t begin to grow. If you do plan on washing your cat’s bed every now and then, look for a design with color-safe fabric that will keep it from bleeding while it washes.
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