Cheryl Johnson Original Fine Art
Cheryl Johnson Original Fine Art
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  • Painting: Acrylic, Latex and Graphite on Canvas.
  • Cheryl Johnson Artist
  • I have always had a love affair with Joan Mitchell and finally I just let loose and emulated her style. What a joy to simply use energy to paint.
Joan Mitchell is known for the compositional rhythms, bold coloration, and sweeping gestural brushstrokes of her large and often multi-paneled paintings. Inspired by landscape, nature, and poetry, her intent was not to create a recognizable image, but to convey emotions.
  • This painting was inspired by Joan Mitchell.
I love to explore technique and style and enlarge my skills. The paintings that I create are meant to bring you joy, and pleasure. I hope they inspire and uplift, as well as enhance your interiors.
  • I believe that our homes should be sanctuaries that surrounds us with comfort, color, beauty and the things we love.
I loved creating the colors and brush work in this work. I hope you feel an emotional connection to this work, or perhaps LOVE Joan Mitchell like I do.
  • I hope this painting makes you feel good, then I've accomplished what I set out to do.
Hopefully, you'll want this painting in your home or office! Or maybe you're considering this artwork for a special gift. This one is hard to part with today! Thank you Joan!
  • These are ideal for someone who wants abstract art.
  • Order one today. Original or print. Original Art For Sale

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  • abstract art
  • fine art
  • joan mitchell
  • original
  • wall decor
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