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Wood Coffee Tables

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Timeless, warm and inviting, wooden coffee tables are popular for a reason. They go with almost any decor style, and come in countless stains and finishes. Whether you want to gather your family together for game night or host a stylish cocktail hour, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from.

Pick a Shape

As you begin your search, take a look at your family room and think about what sort of table shape would work best in the space. Round wooden coffee tables are ideal for pairing with a sectional sofa or a couch and chairs. Without any sharp edges, they’re child-safe and great for hosting several people at once. If you want a little more reach, go for an elongated, oval version — perfect for channeling a bit of midcentury style. In living rooms where space isn’t a concern, square wooden coffee tables can look particularly elegant. They’re perfect for spreading out a puzzle or setting down a collection of hors-d’oeuvres.

Define Your Style

Whether your home is traditional or modern, there’s a wood-top coffee table that’s fit to match. To help you narrow down your options, think about how much detailing you like and what sort of wood stains you prefer. Reclaimed wood coffee tables are perfect for giving your home a rustic, lived-in feeling. On the other hand, sleek modern coffee tables made of smooth natural wood will help you achieve an organic, minimalist look. If you’re going for a trendy, industrial style, look for wooden coffee tables with metal legs.

Find the Perfect Fit

While you narrow down your options, try to be practical. Could you benefit from some extra storage space in your coffee table? Would you rather have drawers or a lift-top? Now might also be the time to consider going for a bold statement. Wooden crate or trunk coffee tables add instant character to any room — and still might provide somewhere to stash books and remotes.

Get inspired with our curated ideas for Coffee Tables and find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Coffee Tables for sale, from brands like NyeKoncept, Theodore Alexander, and Acme Furniture, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Coffee Tables, like the the Round Coffee Table with Storage Lift-Top Wood Coffee Table with Rotatable Drawer or the Ryan Rove Elm 38 Inch Oval Two Tier Black Glass Coffee Table, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Coffee Tables online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.