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Console Tables with Storage

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Organize any room of your home with a storage console cabinet. Ideal for accenting an entryway, or providing TV and video game storage in the living room, console tables are incredibly versatile. While you search for just the right one for your home, consider the following style tips and organizational ideas.

What Can You Use a Console Table For?

A good console storage cabinet can fill a variety of needs. If you need a spot to drop your keys by the door, or simply something to fill a blank hall or entryway, this is just the piece of furniture for you. They’re also well-suited to go behind a sofa or up against a wall, and function as the perfect spot to display a flower vase or a table lamp. It’s even possible to find something that would work as a video game console storage cabinet, or a spot to display your TV. Essentially, anywhere you could use a bit of extra storage, a console table could make a great addition, from the home office to the dining room.

Find a Design That Works

Console tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so consider what exactly you’ll be using it for and how much space you have. If you need to hide lots of wires or a cable and internet router, a console table with cabinet storage is a great option. That way, all of that can be hidden behind closed doors. Alternatively, if you plan to store books or other decorative objects, one with open shelving or glass doors might make more sense. Finally, if you’re tight on space, you can still find a small or narrow console storage cabinet to fit — simply look for one that’s a bit taller than it is wide.

Choose a Style and Finish You Love

Now for the fun part — finding a console storage cabinet that perfectly complements your space and style. At Houzz, you’ll find an array of materials, finishes and styles to choose from, whether your look leans more modern or traditional. Search for a mid-century modern console table to match your decor, or opt for a contemporary version with a bold color and a playful design. If you love a trendy, industrial look, keep an eye out for a storage console cabinet with a wooden top and black steel legs. It all depends on what sort of look works within your space, so just have fun with it!

Find the best Storage Console Tables for your home in 2022 with the carefully curated selection available to shop at Houzz. Whether you are looking for Storage Console Tables that can mix and match colors, materials, styles, or want Console Tables with a unique, one-of-a-kind feature, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece right here! Shop from Console Tables brands you already know and love like Convenience Concepts, Butler Specialty Company, Uttermost - plus so many others! Houzz is your one stop shop for all things home. Find trending home design ideas & pictures, shop our online furniture store for everything your home needs like Storage Console Tables, or find a Pro to help you build your perfect home!