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Contemporary dining chairs don’t fly under the design radar. They are meant to make a statement, taking classic styles and ramping them up a notch. They feature bold shapes and emphasize trendy textures and materials that are popular in today’s current interior design. The options can feel overwhelming, so take a few hints from the following information to find the perfect contemporary or modern dining room chairs for your space.

Focus on Materials

On their own, contemporary dining chairs tend to be simplistic in form, showing off the materials with which they’re made. With that in mind, be on the lookout for chairs that are well-made and draw you in with their quality finishes. Go for smooth, clean lines of molded plastic chairs that will bring an element of playfulness, or try wooden side chairs with minimal detailing that will work with a variety of tables. Upholstered dining chairs are also popular in contemporary dining spaces, especially ones with leather seats. Look for metal legs to flash a hint of sophistication, or go with a solid metal cafe style to be super trendy.

Mix and Match

One of the best parts about contemporary design is that it takes cues from other styles, often mixing and matching two or more to create something new and trendy. You can apply that same rule to your contemporary dining chair search. Already have a simple, modern dining table? Look for dining chairs for sale in a midcentury style that doesn’t match, but instead coordinates with the table. Or, make a statement by pairing a traditional wooden table with updated, upholstered dining chairs in a fun color for a purposefully mismatched look. Get creative and keep an open mind as you browse contemporary dining room chairs for sale — you may surprise yourself with what you find!

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