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Contemporary Knife Sets

Wusthof Classic High Carbon Stainless Steel 7 Piece Knife Block Set
Wusthof Classic High Carbon Stainless Steel 7 Piece Knife Block Setby Wusthof Trident of America
Easily perform all of your cutting, slicing, dicing and mincing tasks in the kitchen with this seven piece Classic high knife block set from Wusthof. This set includes one paring knife, one sandwich knife, one cook's knife, one bread knife, one sharpening steel, one pair of kitchen shears, and one hardwood knife block. This unique knife set features high carbon stainless steel blades for long lasting durability. The blades are forged from a single piece of tempered high carbon steel to ensure outstanding strength. The blade of each knife features Wusthof etching and the trident symbol, the steel formula and the city of origin. The blade also features Wusthof's signature Precision Edge Technology which provides extraordinary sharpness and blades retain their edge 30 percent longer. These knives are resistant to odor absorption and staining and feature handles that are durable Hostaform-C handles, triple riveted to the fully visible tang of the Classic series. The bolsters/finger guards are Wusthof's "signature" feature; it accounts for the heft, or solid balanced feel that one gets from the Wusthof knife. This set is ideal for all of your basic kitchen needs and includes a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Measurements Knife block -- 10" L x 12" W x 10" H Paring knife – 3-1/2" L Utility knife – 6" L Bread knife – 8" L Chef's knife -- 8" L Sharpening steel – 9" L Kitchen shears – 8" LRead More
FUSION Set of Knives in Block
FUSION Set of Knives in Blockby Maxima House(1)
Convenience and functionality are the main features of the FUSION knives set, which was made of stainless steel with a classic, characteristic non-slip grip. The highest quality of materials used guarantees satisfaction and long-term use of products. Fusion is a perfect proposition for those who appreciate elegant style and modern solutions that facilitate work in the kitchen. Knives 951 were made of X30Cr13 stainless steel with the addition of chromium , which provides increased resistance to corrosion. Ergonomic, non-slip handle , designed from durable ABS plastic is a guarantee of comfort and convenience during use. At the base of the handle there are auxiliary symbols on the handle , indicating the purpose of the knife. The unique system tells you which knife should be chosen for cutting meat, fast cutting of lettuce or a small slicing of herbs. A set of Fusion knives is available in a stylish black lacquered block of beech wood . Five knives with different functions are available in the line depending on the finish and size: Chef's knife 8 "" - a basic tool in the kitchen, ideal for chopping many ingredients. Bread knife 8 ""- is distinguished by characteristic teeth, which facilitate cutting bread. Kitchen knife 8 "" - a universal tool, best suited for cutting meat or cold meats. Kitchen knife 4½ "" - a small knife for cutting. Vegetable knife 3½ ""- can be used as a vegetable peeler. 100% made in Europe!Read More
Laguiole en Aubrac Steak Knives Set of 4-Pieces with Plane Tree Wood Handle
Laguiole en Aubrac Steak Knives Set of 4-Pieces with Plane Tree Wood Handleby Laguiole en Aubrac
Laguiole-en-Aubrac is a renowned French brand that is responsible for restoring the cutlery tradition. The manufacture of the knife was reborn in the historical area since the 1980s and it was an activity that suffered a decline until the 1920s, due to the industrialization of Thiers knives. This was how eager to manufacture from the local artisanal tradition, Laguiole-en-Aubrac emerged in a small forge in the town of Montezic and three other artisans of the cutlery joined the initiative. When local manufacturing was reactivated, they remained faithful to the traditions and that was what led the company to create workshops in the historical area combining knowledge with creativity and thus maintaining the quality of French cutlery internationally. Its products have an elegance that allows different variations. And its main sources of inspiration are found in the beauty and variety of natural materials. It is a company that guarantees artisanal manufacturing and uses the LOG (Laguiole Origine Garantie) seal that is engraved on the heel of the blade. This is a set of four French meat knives that have a traditional quality and have banana tree wood handles. It also has stainless steel blades with a matt finish. These blades are high performance Sandvik which allows them to have great sharpness, hardness and good corrosion resistance. They are handcrafted by skilled artisans who meet the manufacturing traditions of the region. Each of these knives is considered a work of art for its elegant shape and perfect balance.Read More