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Hanging Jewelry Organizer Wall Mount Earring Holder Closet Storage, Luka
Hanging Jewelry Organizer Wall Mount Earring Holder Closet Storage, Lukaby Angelynn's(3)
Earring Holder Organizer Storage Rack *Luka Stud Earring Holder Measures: 11 inches tall x a slim 9 inches wide (for narrow slim wall spaces) and is offset from the wall by 1 inch. Created for earrings up to 1.25" long, except for bottom row which is limitless in length. *This wall mount earring holder jewelry organizer storage rack can be mounted on a door, wall, inside a closet, cabinet or wardrobe. It can also accommodate small 1" stud earring cards that have a lip hanger. *4 heavy-duty, easy to use Screw/Anchors are included that can be used on drywall, masonry, brick or plaster. If you are renting or living in a dorm room and have sooth surfaces you can purchase and use 4 large Command Adhesive Strips to install this earring organizer. *Stud Earring Holder Capacity: Organizes up to 64 pairs of pierced earrings. Only the bottom row can hold earrings longer than 1.25", great for shoulder dusters and long chandeliers. *How to Use: Attach the post back (if there is one), leaving a small space on the post. Place the back through and let it slide down into the slot. It's that easy! If there is no post back, just hang them. *Heavy duty commercial grade jewelry displays that are durable, sturdy and made with high quality recycled eco-friendly US Carbon Steel metal with the very best powder-coat finishes. *They will last a lifetime with proper use. *100% Made in the USA, handmade by fair waged skilled American Tradesmen. *Many find it best to create a plan, take inventory of what they actually have, and then purchase what they need. Our Luka Wall Mount Earring Holder is available in a Warm Satin Nickel Silver, Rubbed Bronze, Ultra White and Black. NOTE: For extra long and large earrings that are more than 2 inches long or hoops check out our Daelyn, Jennifer, Carol, Nichole, Rose, Laela and Isabel. {Angelynn's trademarked and copyrighted designs are created to help you organize your earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories up and out of harm's way, seen at a glance and tangle free. Jewelry organizers and displays for your home or business. Used in bedrooms, closets, luxury dressing rooms, dorm rooms and salons, craft shows, trade shows, retail shops, store fixtures, jewelry stores, showcases and high end ladies boutiques worldwide.}Read More
Collapsible Linen Closet Storage Bin, Blue Striped, Large
Collapsible Linen Closet Storage Bin, Blue Striped, Largeby Great Useful Stuff(1)
* Functional Linen Closet Organizer -- How many times do you go to your closet and the one item you need is at the bottom of the stack? Avoid a tumbling tower of linens with our 100% Brushed Cotton Linen Storage Collection. Featuring a collapsible front flap that is held in place by extra strong velcro, our linen closet storage bins make it simple to get an item from the bottom of the stack. Most manufacturers save money by just having a cloth bottom to their bins. Ours are made of sturdy fiberboard, so there will never be any sagging. Simply said, our bins are made to last. * Say Goodbye to Falling Stacks Of Linens -- Tired of folding stacks of linens just to have them fall over? Our 100% Brushed Cotton Linen Storage Bins are the perfect closet organizer that help stop messy linen closets from happening in the first place! * Customize Your Closet -- Some people like to keep their linens together by item, some by color, and some by type. Our Linen Closet Storage Collection comes with a complete set of pre-printed tags that fit nicely in the label window on the front flap. Or, simply flip them over and write your own! * 100% Brushed Cotton Twill -- Our bins are crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure your linen closet looks good. These organizing bins will change your closet from messy stacks of towels and sheets to neatly folded, organized tiers. *Dimensions -- 17" W X 15" D X 12.5" H . Great for quilts, comforters, bath sheets * Designed by GUS in California You've taken the time to wash and fold your linens, but storing them is a mess! You end up shoving them where you can and some fall on the floor, ruining all your work. Well, not anymore, thanks to our handy, 100% Brushed Cotton Linen Closet Storage Collection! With 3 convenient sizes to fit all of your washcloths, towels, pillowcases, and sheets, your linen woes are over.Read More