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Disposable Tableware

While most of us prefer to use our permanent tableware, some scenarios call for the use of disposable tableware. Say you’re hosting a really large party and don’t have enough place settings, or maybe you’re planning on an extended family BBQ, or a surprise party for Mom, and you won’t have time to clean dishes afterward. Whatever the case, disposable plates, utensils and cups are an easy way to serve everyone and cleanup quickly.

You’ll find disposable tableware typically comes in paper, plastic and Styrofoam. Paper plates and cups are an affordable, recyclable choice that may also come in options made from renewable resources. Plastic cups, utensils and plates tend to be sturdier, making them a great choice for heavier, messier foods or items that need cutting, like steaks. Styrofoam cups, bowls and plates are lightweight and offer great insulating properties. If you’re looking for a solution that’s more affordable than ceramic or stoneware and might be able to last for multiple meals, plastic plates and bamboo plates are a great choice.

You’ll find plenty of disposable tableware choices that are perfect for your party or family BBQ right here on Houzz.
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