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Drinking Glasses

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Addison Glass Goblet, Rose, 4 Glasses
Addison Glass Goblet, Rose, 4 Glassesby Mosser Glass(2)
Mosser Glass HANDMADE ITEM: PLEASE ALLOW 7 DAYS FOR SHIPMENT! These beautiful glass goblets are sturdily built and part of the greater Mosser Addison tableware line. Matching pitcher available. 8 ounce capacity. Available in 6 colors individually or in sets of 4. About Mosser... From day one, Tom Mosser was committed to manufacturing quality glassware, and his dedication was rewarded with continuing success. In 1971, he established Mosser Glass with a product line that blends new designs with timeless classics acquired from Viking, L.G. Wright and of course, Cambridge Glass. Today, Mosser Glass employs more than 30 people in an efficient manufacturing process configured to provide the highest quality glassware for our customers. And the fine family tradition continues with family members continuing to operate the company. With the mix of generations from Tom and Georgianna to their son Tim and daughters Sally and Mindy this family brings new ideas to the company without the loss of the traditions our customers cherish. The Mosser family is proud of the legacy that Orie and Tom began. You will see we continue that legacy, blending beauty and fine craftsmanship in every piece of glassware we produce. We hope it brings you as much pleasure as it brings us. The Process... Heated We currently have 2 day tanks and 3 pot furnaces. They are fired by natural gas. The raw materials such as Soda Ash and Silica Sand are raised to a melting point of 2500 F. Working temperature varies from 1800 2000 Fahrenheit. The cast iron moulds are warmed at a temperature of up to 1000 F starting 1-3 hours before production begins. Moulded The next step is the pressing of the glass. A person called the gatherer will bring the amount of glass needed out of the furnace depending on the size of the piece. Pressed The molten glass will then be pressed into the pattern of the mould. After a minute or so, the mould will cool and open to display a newly formed piece of glassware. Hardened Once the piece is brought out of the mould, it will be given additional time to cool and harden with a little help of air blowing on to the glass. Polished An important part of the process is polishing. Most of our pieces go through a glazer, which fires the glass and melts off the very outer layer, leaving it with a smoother, shinier finish. Annealed After the glazer, the glassware goes through a three and one half hours annealing process that slowly cools the glass to prevent it from shattering or breaking. Then, it is carefully checked and packed for shipping or sent to our stock room.Read More
Murano Drinking Glass, Millefiori Silver Green
Murano Drinking Glass, Millefiori Silver Greenby Murano Glass(1)
This one-of-a-kind Murano drinking glass born from fire in the famous ancient Murano glass furnaces evokes the experience of dining in a classy canal-side Venetian restaurant. Festive beauty of colorful millefiori mosaics set against sparkling silver foil in the emerald-green background of this unevenly shaped glass creates a stylish, artistic, and elegant look. These Murano drinking glasses glasses are great for water or soft drinks, highball cocktails, mixed drinks, and offer a perfect way to add famous Murano artistry and Venetian sophistication to your dining table. Our gorgeous Venetian drinking glass, or a set of them, also makes a unique luxurious gift for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or house warming, as it is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will be treasured forever. This authentic Murano drinking glass was painstakingly created by hand using only traditional glass-making methods by a third-generation Murano maestro, whose work is displayed at exhibitions and in museums worldwide. The glass is approximately 4 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter in its widest part. Each Murano drinking glass is signed by the master. Attached sticker further proves its Murano origin, as does the certificate of authenticity that comes with the glass. Because this item is a unique work of art made by hand, slight variations of colors, patterns, and shapes are possible.Read More
Whether you choose to call them tumblers, glasses or cups, no dining collection is complete without a set of good drinking glasses. Multifaceted, everyday drink glasses can be used for the beverage of your choice, from milk to juice and everything in between. This versatility makes them a great purchase for any household, but don’t think that just because they’re meant for everyday use that you need to buy mundane drinking glasses.

What is the best material for drinking glasses?

When it comes to finding the perfect drinking glass for your collection, start by picking the right material. Glass and crystal feel solid in your hand and can make a distinctive impression on guests, however, they also run the highest risk of chipping and cracking if not handled with care. If you don’t want to worry about chips and cracks, acrylic or plastic drinking cups would be a better option, plus there are lots of styles that closely mimic the look of glass. Other materials, such as porcelain or metal, are great if you’re going to a certain look or trying to match other dinnerware.

What features should I look for in a drinking glass?

Be sure to choose a style that is easy to hold onto and drink from. Tall and narrow glasses are easy to hold, but can be knocked over more easily, so look for shorter glasses with heavier bases if this is a concern for you. Since this will be your everyday glassware, it’s wise to choose a set that is dishwasher-safe — save the hand washing for your special occasion drinkware. If you drink a lot of cold beverages, consider getting insulated drinking cups so that they stay cool longer and your hands don’t freeze while holding them.

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