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Firewood Racks

No one likes a sputtering fire that churns out waves of black smoke. If you own a wood-burning fire pit, you may have been faced with this frustration more than once. Luckily, the solution is easy: all you need are firewood racks to keep your firewood up off the ground, organized and seasoned. Turn that lousy, smoky fire into a warm, crackling one by storing your firewood in a firewood storage container and following these tips.

How do I season my firewood?

No, this doesn’t involve sprinkling your firewood with a mixture of herbs and spices. To season your firewood you simply have to allow it to bask in the warm sun and air until it dries out, which normally takes 3 to 6 months. Once your firewood is seasoned, you’ll notice it burns cleaner and more efficiently, with less annoying smoke.

The difference between seasoned firewood and freshly cut logs is moisture. If you toss freshly cut firewood onto your fire, the flames must first evaporate the moisture it contains before they can begin burning the wood. The burning off of this moisture is what causes the thick, black smoke none of us enjoys. When you let your firewood season, however, the fresh air and warm sun get rid of that moisture so your fire can begin burning the wood instantly.

What kind of log holder is best for seasoning my firewood?

A log basket or holder will raise your firewood up off the ground, which allows the fresh air to circulate around it. This also keeps it out of reach of pesky bugs that would otherwise make a home in your log pile. Most styles will keep your firewood neatly organized and allow it to season, so you can choose one that you like best. However, it’s better to forego a cover, since this will trap in the moisture and keep the sunshine and fresh air out.

Get inspired with our curated ideas for Firewood Racks and find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Firewood Racks for sale, from brands like CB STATION, Enclume, and ACHLA Designs, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Firewood Racks, like the the Hearth Rack or the Twisted Rope Fatwood Caddy, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Firewood Racks online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.
Dura Covers Black Heavy Duty Large Firewood Log Carrier Tote
Dura Covers Black Heavy Duty Large Firewood Log Carrier Toteby Dura Covers$35.99(1)
Description: Dura Covers Large Canvas Log Tote Bag Carrier Indoor Fireplace Landmann Firewood Totes Holders Round Woodpile Rack Fire Wood Carrier Carrying for Outdoor Tubular Birchwood Stand by Hearth Stove Tools Set Basket. Large Log Capacity: Large basket firewood carry bag holder, armload cloth firewood carrier , 36.6" X 17.7" , excellent size for carrying a few logs and or kindling and twigs, for one stove or two.This canvas firewood log carrier will be just right to bring in an evenings pile of logs to burn. Firewood carrier, can be fully loaded with long handle, is large enough to bring in a nice sized supply of birchwood logs without it being too heavy. Don't have to make several trips to carry firewood. Very sturdy light canvas material: Canvas firewood holder,woven fabric inside, christmas log tote carrier with heavy duty stitching handles. Light portable fire wood carrying tote bag, no more scratches from wood. Works good for hauling in wood for the fire place, to carry logs from outdoor landmann firewood log rack round to inside firewood holder by ash bucket for indoor fireplace hearth and wood burning stove. No rips after a season of burning. Homer bucket use to clean up the woods around the house where the wheelbarrow doesn't go, the firewood carrier and holder makes it easier to bring in armfuls of wood from outside woodpiles. Sturdy and ergonomic firewood tote bag perfect for moving logs from log pile to fireplace, to transport firewood from one woodshed to another. The ends overlap slightly which keeps any small pieces from falling out. Bring in the wood without a mess, no rips or tears on the grounds, the floor, or on clothing. Firewood tote and holder, cloth firewood carrier, easy to fold up and store away for indoor firewood rack. It folds up (okay, wads up or crushes down) compactly for storage when not in use. Camp Outs gathering wood for camping. Students easels storage, stow firewood, bark, dirt, scraps, toys, groceries and outdoor sports equipment; homer bucket choice by men , house wives, handicapped adult with wheels. 3-Year Warranty : If You're Not Completely Satisfied With Our Firewood Log Carriers Tote Bag, we'll Replace Or Issue Full Refund with communication. To transport firewood from one woodshed to another without fatigue. Alternatively, use two hands or two people to "hammock" a very large bundle of stuff and tools. So you don't have to make several trips to carry firewood. Features *Premium Quality - Dura Covers bags are made from high quality canvas with the handles sewn to the bottom of the bag. *Free your hands - This log tote makes it easier to bring in armfuls of woods from outside widepiles. *Easy clean - Wash by machine, recommended mild detergent and hang to dry. *Creating a solid core while also allowing added strength and durability.Sturdy and ergonomic design for moving logs from log pile to fireplace. Weight: 2 lbs. *Model no: 1839-LRFP5518Read More
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