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17.75"x17.75" Montane Ceramic Floor/Wall Tiles, Set of 8, Haya
17.75"x17.75" Montane Ceramic Floor/Wall Tiles, Set of 8, Hayaby SomerTile
$5.32/sq ft.
Pieces Per Case: 8 Square Feet Per Case: 18 The SomerTile 17-3/4"x17-3/4" Montane Haya Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile captures the look of wood floors with a light-stained finish. This Spanish import simulates realistic wood grains and knots. Both decorative and rustic with a smooth glaze. -Indoor -P.E.I. Rating IV has high resistance to abrasion and is suitable for heavy-duty residential and commercial floor installations such as entrances, commercial kitchens, hotels, exhibition and sales rooms with some dirt conditions -C.O.F. greater than .50 is recommended for standard residential applications and is marginally skid resistant Each line item within an order will be selected from a single dye lot (color) and caliber (size), but multiple orders can result in receiving multiple dye lots and/or calibers. Please ensure that all tile for a project is obtained within one order. -Pieces per Case: 35 -Square Feet Per Case: 10.74 Emulating the timeless beauty of Bardiglio marble, the SomerTile Carra Bardiglio Hexagon Dark 7 in. x 8 in. Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile captures stunning artistry dating back to Ancient Rome. Set on a satin smoky grey glaze, this marbleized porcelain tile offers an everlasting look for any traditional or contemporary installation. Light and dark grey veining striations sporadically flow throughout, adding authenticity to your space. With a traditional hexagon format and smooth, ever so slightly undulated surface, this tile is perfect for creating a sophisticated feel for any setting. There is variation in the veining patterns found throughout each tile. Pair this tile with other Carra products to complete your own elegant installation. -Indoor/Outdoor -P.E.I. Rating III is suitable for medium-duty residential floors including kitchens, halls, corridors, balconies, terraces and areas used more often with normal footwear and small amounts of dirt -C.O.F. greater than .60 to .79 is required for commercial applications to meet or exceed ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Guidelines. Skid resistant All ceramic / porcelain and natural stone tile within coordinating series may be produced at different times which can cause variation in dye lot (color) and caliber (size) which is authentic to tile *Please note that samples are a smaller piece of the tile, it is not the full design.Read More
12"x12" Dark Emperador Square Polished Marble Mosaic 2"
12"x12" Dark Emperador Square Polished Marble Mosaic 2"by All Marble Tiles(2)
$21/sq ft.
Dark Emperador 2x2 Square Polished Marble Mosaic Finish: Polished Product Size: 12x12 Chip Size: 2x2 Color: Brown Sold By: Square foot (Quantity 1 = 1 pcs) Dark Emprador Marble collection is a classic marble tile used in five start hotels. This is a great chance to bring that intercontinental feeling to your bathroom, kitchen or living room. Dark Emprador is a one of a kind marble tile resembling a jewel stone with a touch of espresso brown hue. Like the Antic marble, the Dark Emprador also spots dark veins vividly running through the tile, which adds to its sophisticated luster. The Dark Emprador Marble collection can create that masterpiece grand entrance to your living room or a striking environment where you take your warm baths in. This same espresso brown effect can paint your entire kitchen blending in with the matching brown kitchenware you have. Moreover, you can decide to use one shade of Dark Emprador Marble tile or you can work with different browns to add some sophistication. Marble is known to create a natural stone look in any room it is used in and it is quite tough and resistant to damage. Maintenance is pretty easy as well because it doesn't stain that easy and you only need a rug and detergent to wipe the surface once a while to maintain the sparkle. You can order our Dark Emprador Marble Collection anytime and we'll make the delivery to your door step. Number of Pieces Included: 1 Sq. ft. per 1 Quantity: 1 Mesh BackingRead More