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Folding tables are ideal for having a surface on an as-needed basis. With the ability to be folded up and stashed away, it’s like having a second set of furniture that takes up no room. Whether it’s for extra seating during the holidays or holding food at a large gathering, a folding dining table is no doubt a handy piece to own. Before purchasing one for your home, carefully consider how and when it will be used to ensure you pick the perfect folding table.

What size and shape folding table should I get?

Consider what you will be using it for most often to help narrow down your choices. If you plan to use it as a folding dining table, think about how many people will need to sit around it and where it will be placed. The bigger the better, but you have to have the room to accommodate the extra furniture. If it’s going to be used mainly for game night, and smaller round or square folding card table should do the trick; just make sure it’s sturdy enough for when the players get rowdy! Small portable tables are also great for apartments and homes that are tight on space and don’t need a table set up at all times — just break it out when you need to do crafts or want extra food prep space. For a fold-up table that works for food display or banquets, you’ll want to go with one that’s long and narrow. Make sure it’s stable enough to hold the weight of lots of food and has safety features such as leg locks.

What’s the best material for a foldable table?

The best material for a folding table depends on how often you will be using it. Will you have it setup most of the time and occasionally take it down to use the space, or will you only use it on a few occasions? Consider the material and weight in these cases, as you likely won’t want the hassle of collapsing and setting up a super heavy fold-up table often. Plastic-top folding tables will be lighter than ones that are solid wood, but don’t come along with the same good looks as wood. If you plan to keep it covered with a tablecloth, try something more lightweight and easy to collapse. If you want a folding table that can stand on its own with no cover needed, go for a wood look for some extra style — no one will even know it’s a portable table!