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Gardening Gloves

While working in the garden your hands can run into all sorts of snags, cuts and unfriendly surfaces. Every rose has its thorn, and so, too, do many gardening tools have a blade. Pulling weeds may seem like a simple chore, but it’s easy for bare hands to become irritated and blister as you battle it out with a particularly stubborn weed. These are just a few reasons why a good pair of work gloves or two should be part of your gardening tool kit.

Most gardening gloves are made from cotton, which provides a light layer of protection against dirt and blisters. Leather work gloves are a great choice for durability and handling rough plants like thorny roses. You can even find a pair that extends up to your elbows for extra protection. If you’re working with damp soil, rubber working gloves can keep your hands nice and dry. When handling chemicals or manure for fertilizer, you might want to opt for disposable gloves. Though these aren’t necessarily intended for gardening, they’ll still provide a barrier against harsh pesticides.

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