Haze, Original By Faith Patterson
Haze, Original By Faith Patterson
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When I choose a subject to paint, it because some specific aspect catches my eye and causes me to study how it relates to the entire picture. It can be as obvious as the brilliance of a sunset and how it changes everything it touches for just that moment or it could be something as small as a shadow created by a single plant and the varied colors that it casts . When painting buildings I love to depict the wear and tear, the missing windows or chipped paint that gives a sense of the past.
Like all artists, I am driven to paint, to try to convey to others what my eyes see and how I feel about it. I hope while viewing my paintings that you too can feel some part of that connection I felt when choosing to paint them.

About the artist:

  • My name is Faith Patterson. I am a Vango artist. Thank you for visiting my portfolio.
  • I am primarily a landscape artist, usually I paint in oils. I enjoy depicting the beauty in the common, everyday scenes around me. I live in the Midwest so I am lucky to have the change of seasons to add even more interest, to the vast images that I have to draw from.
  • I paint with both brushes and palette knife. I enjoy both. My palette knife pieces are much looser and more impressionistic, while my brush work igenerally traditional, more representational..
Haze, Original By Faith PattersonBy Faith Patterson

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This Product Has Been Described As:
  • abstract
  • colorful abstract
  • faith patterson
  • mixed media art
  • Multicolor Abstract
  • oil cold wax
  • original art
  • original artwork
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