Hidden Island Countertop Support Bracket, Black, 24"
Hidden Island Countertop Support Bracket, Black, 24"
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This countertop support is used when there is no knee wall or when you have an oversized overhang requiring the best on the market. This is absolutely the perfect concealed support for countertop overhangs on a kitchen island or breakfast bar.
Give yourself or your customer the peace of mind they deserve by having the strongest kitchen island support bracket on the market with the Hidden Island Support Bracket.
This bracket is designed to attach to the inside of the front wall of the cabinet and will extend through the cabinet.

How to determine what size bracket:

  • The bracket will be mounted to the inside of the cabinet. Start by measuring your cabinet from the inside front wall, where the doors are, to the opposite side of the cabinet. For instance, 22 inches. Next take your measurement (22 inches) and add the inches of the overhang of the countertop (I.E 15 inches). Then subtract 3 inches. This subtraction is to stay away from the outer edge of the countertop, which is usually 2-4 inches. This measurement would be 34 inches (22 + 15 – 3 = 34), thus you would need to order a 34-inch Hidden Island Support Bracket.
  • Dimensions of the Hidden Island Support Bracket:
  • Length – [Select your chosen length when ordering bracket]
  • Width – 2 1/2 inches (4 1/2 inches with the flange)
  • Thickness – 1/2 inch
  • *Not for use in any other application than that listed.
Hidden Island Countertop Support Bracket, Black, 24"By The Original Granite Bracket
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