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Cafe Swivel Bar Stool, Adjustable, Black Metal, Gray
Cafe Swivel Bar Stool, Adjustable, Black Metal, Grayby Armen Living(3)
The Armen Living Cafe contemporary adjustable barstool is a beautiful addition to the modern kitchen, living room, or bar area. The Cafe combines a plush faux leather upholstered seat, nestled in a walnut veneer frame, with a stylish and durable metal column. The swivel design and the adjustable gas lift mechanism allows for maximum mobility and endows the Cafe with an unmatched degree of versatility. The metal base is sturdy, but understated, while the footrest adds an additional degree of comfort and support. The Cafe is available in gray, black, and white with a variety of back and base choices. The seat height can be adjusted from as low as 22 inches and as high as 32 inches from the ground, perfect for any contemporary counter or bar. We stand by the quality, the craftsmanship, and the integrity of our product by offering a 1-year warranty for all our products. We want our customers to enjoy our product and we will always be there to help with our top-notch customer service support. Product Dimensions: 19"W X 17"D X 34"H 360-degree swivel seat function allows for a wide range of user mobility Added footrest offers an exceptional degree of user leg support Adjusts from counter to bar height with ease and simplicity This item is a versatile piece that can be ideal for Dining, Kitchen, Bar area or even commercial setting The Cafe is available in gray, black, and white with a variety of back and base choices Metal frame assures longevity from a dependable designRead More
Saarinen Round Dining Table 42", White/Coated Marble
Saarinen Round Dining Table 42", White/Coated Marbleby Knoll, Inc.
Product Options: Base Color: White Top Finish: Coated Marble Surface Color: Carrara Coated Marble Saarinen Dining Table Round Surface, 42" Wide designed by Eero Saarinen from Knoll At A Glance: Saarinen Dining Table The Saarinen Dining Table is aptly described as having graceful curves and polished surfaces. And with a pedestal base beyond compare it is slight, modern, and impossibly elegant. Created by (you guessed it) Eero Saarinen, this is the ultimate distillation of a kitchen or dining room table. Perfectly round, perfectly symmetrical, and perfectly modern, it's a classic piece from an all time great designer. What's To Like: * The table is a true classic - we're not just saying that! * Having one in your home is a like having a work of art (that you can eat on). * It's also like having a work of art that you've collaborated on, because it's available in a wide range of finishes and materials. What's Not to Like: This is an uber-modern table. If your kitchen is wood accented, or has a rustic or southern feel, this table can really clash with what you've got going on. It's sleek and contemporary, to a fault. But if you love it, you probably know just where to use it. The Bottom Line: The Eero Saarinen Dining Table is - first and foremost - a pure table. It is the work of an essentialist who boiled concepts and functions down to their basic attributes. The Saarinen Dining Table is an effectively beautiful structure, but never a showy or unnecessary one. From Saarinen himself: "The underside of typical chairs and tables makes a confusing, unrestful world. I wanted to clear up the slum of legs." To accomplish this, the Saarinen Dining Table is on a pedestal, unencumbered by the "slum of legs," and easy to use for the whole family. The chance to own an all time classic piece of furniture is hard to pass up. But make sure it's going to fit into your kitchen or dining room! Features: * Overall dimensions: 28.25" h x 42" diameter * Seats up to 4 * Cast aluminum base * Black and white bases have a Rilsan finish * Platinum base has a polyurethane enameled, clear satin finish * Top is marble, laminate, or wood, according to your choice * Some assembly required Care and maintenance: It is strongly recommended that placemats be employed when using the table. As with any piece of furniture, we recommend that you use adequate heat protection when placing hot dishes on your table. This table has a metal base. Lift table when moving it or place floor-protecting pads on the bottom of the base to ensure that your floor is not marked or damaged. The Saarinen Dining Table also comes in the following sizes: 36" Wide Round Table 47" Wide Round Table 54" Wide Round Table 60" Wide Round Table 78" Wide Oval Table 96" Wide Oval TableRead More
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