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Ubane 270 Resin Dining Table "Limited Edition"
Ubane 270 Resin Dining Table "Limited Edition"by Naturalist
Naturalist's singular furniture concept bonds crystal-clear epoxy resin with sustainably harvested walnut wood from Turkey. The Urbane, with its smooth-to-the-touch resin and reclaimed wood, is our flagship design and the ideal embodiment of our aesthetic and ethics. Hand-crafted to perfection and featuring its signature rounded edges, this table exudes both luxury and charm. The Osso base is our best-selling model due to its slender structure that perfectly complements the table's edging; but our special design program allows you to customize your piece so that it fits your d_cor while standing out as the unique fixture it is. Customers can choose each feature, from the base to the resin-to-wood ratio and overall dimension, with assistance from our skilled team of design experts. Let nature into your home with the Urbane, a design that is sure to stand the test of time. This item will be made-to-order asa rendition of the piece shown! There are hundreds of wood species, each with distinct characteristics. At Naturalist we work with solid black walnut wood. Natural hardwood products are never as uniform as manufactured materials, for example but that's the source of their charm. Heartwood, the oldest, densest, innermost section of the log, is often darker and richer in color than sapwood, which lies closest to the bark. Within every tree is an individual, just like you and I. No two logs carry the same signature knots, burls, or mineral streaks. In our made-to-order tables (or renditions) the lumbers harmonize, but they vary in color, grain, and an unlimited range or natural details called character marks in comparison to the pieces shown. The features within any single log are unpredictable. No two slabs, even if from the same log, are identical. The most common natural characteristics seen are: Grain: the direction, size, appearance, and quality of the fibers that give our tables strength and distinctive patterns. Growth rings: layers of wood added to a tree during a single growing season. Knots: hard, cylindrical regions marking locations or branches that have been encased by later growth of the tree. Burls: rounded growths on a tree that produces curling, ornamental patterns in lumber. Mineral streaks: olive or grayish markings caused by environmental factors, such as trace elements in water or soil. Our walnut slabs character marks can add appeal for designers and homeowners who appreciate natural materials and the beauty of natural imperfections. They record a life in the forest as well as showcase that though they have fallen, they are harvested responsibly and repurposed in lasting applications. They also extend the range of creative options for the homeowner, builder, architect, designer, and woodworker. It is our hope that your table becomes a space for gathering with loved ones for generations to come. Length : 104" Width : 41" Height : 30"Read More