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Swing out Seat Table With Eight Cast Iron Attached Seats and Oak Wood Top
Swing out Seat Table With Eight Cast Iron Attached Seats and Oak Wood Topby Get Back, Inc.
Industrial cast iron and wood swing out suspended seat / stool dining table with wooden top & eight seats, from Get Back Inc's . This versatile piece, inspired by the traditions of vintage industrial American furniture, combines high-quality wood and beautifully crafted cast iron into a utilitarian design that is the hallmark of Tim Byrne’s furnishings. Beautiful poplar circular wooden seats screw onto the cast iron swing supports that swing in one direction and have a stop that keeps them from swinging in too far. Table can be Freestanding, or bolted to the floor for maximum stability. Quarter sawn oak top. It's also a bit of a space saver, as the seats can swing back in under the table when not in use. The seat - The swing out seat is also known as, or has been called: suspended swing out kitchen Stool, Space Saving Stool, Wrought Iron Stool, Swing Stools, Kitchen Island Stool, Floating Seat, Floating Stool, Vintage Island Stool attached to Island, Backless Island Stool. We Simply Refer to it as the Swing Out Seat. These are The Best you will find anywhere, They are The Original Design, Proudly Cast with premium Ductile Cast Iron. The Swing out Seats are a Great Seating Alternative for any Bar, Kitchen Island, Restaurant and on and on…. Thank you for taking the time to look at the table, please let us know if you have any questions or need more information.Read More