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The CuZn UC-2KC Chloramine + Wide Spectrum Refillable UnderSink Water Filter
The CuZn UC-2KC Chloramine + Wide Spectrum Refillable UnderSink Water Filterby CuZn Water & Air Filtration Systems
The UC-2KC Chloramine Wide Spectrum water filtration system includes standard 3rd faucet, stainless steel hoses & all connections required for installation. The filters included are two CR-1 chloramine + wide spectrum cartridges. 3rd party testing has confirmed that the UC-2KC Chloramine Wide Spectrum Filtration System is perhaps the most comprehensive chloramine filtration system. Most chloramine systems contain only catalytic carbon that is prone to bacteria growth & leaves an ammonia residual. The UC-2KC is 4 stage filtration system containing KDF-85, Catalyic Carbon, Zeolite & Micro Sediment Membranes. The KDF-85 creates a bacteriostatic enviroment & breaks the chloramine disenfectant down into chlorine & ammonia. The catalytic carbon than adsorbs the chlorine and the zeolite adsorbs the ammonia residual. The 5 micron sediment membranes remove any physical particulate that may be in your water source. Don't know if you need to select a chloramine model? Chlorine is and has been the standard sanitizer that all municipal water treatment systems add to tap water since the 1920s. Recently however, some treatment centers have started adding chloramines to tap water. Chloramines are a compound of chlorine & ammonia and they require a different method of filtration for removal or reduction. Call your Municipal Treatment Center Today to find out!Read More