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Lamp Bases

Most of us have been confronted with the conundrum of perusing a shop’s shelves for the perfect new table or floor lamp only to find the lamp base of our dreams has been paired with a shade that just won’t do, or vice versa. If you think you can do a better job mixing and matching those shades and bases than the manufacturers, buying your lamp stand separate from its shade is a million-dollar idea. For those who aren’t satisfied with the pre-paired pickings but still need a little justification in their buying decisions, here are a few tips for choosing a shade plus a base for a match made in heaven.

• Choose colors already present in your room design. Or make your new lamps the focal point that all other accent pieces draw from. Either way, make sure you absolutely love your focal point — there’s no sense in repeating design elements or colors that you’re unsure about.
• Small spaces can benefit from transparency. You can lend a feeling of airiness or excess room in a small space by choosing semitransparent or fully transparent lamp bases. A glass lamp base is the perfect remedy. Whether it’s clear, frosted or colored, being able to peer through it creates the effect that the fixture doesn’t take up any space.
• Consider height. Don’t forget you’ll be topping your lamp base with a complementary shade. Make sure the height (and width) won’t overwhelm your space or the furniture the lamp will be placed on or next to. Floor lamps require you to consider whether they’ll obstruct foot traffic as well.
• Don’t be afraid of texture. Most lamp bases are sleek and smooth, but a stand made from woven sea grass or featuring a smattering of rivets can draw the eye and add character.
• If you’re still at a loss, seek inspiration. Browse through ideabooks and stories here on Houzz to see what others with similar tastes are doing with their lamps. Take a peek at the shop to see what unique pieces are available. If you find the lamp stand of your dreams and just have to have it, don’t be afraid to post a comment and ask where it’s from.

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