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Brightech Lucas - Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp For Living room and Bedroom
Brightech Lucas - Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp For Living room and Bedroomby Brightech(3)
UNIQUE, ELEGANT BEDROOM FLOOR LAMP FOR READING OR SOFT, MOOD LIGHTING - Give your bedroom a classy touch with an elegant, drum shade uplight. Use it at the bedside for a bright but not overwhelming reading light, or place the Brightech Lucas a little further away so the shade's effect is greater and you have a nice ambience with soft, warm white light. CONTEMPORARY WOOD FINISH LOOK FITS WITH NEARLY ANY LIVING ROOM OR OFFICE DÉCOR: The Brightech Lucas works well with many decor styles such as mid-century modern, traditional, minimalist, urban, rustic and industrial styles. This is thanks to the shade that diffuses both uplight and downlight, making it a great choice to place beside the couch or executive desk. ALEXA COMPATIBLE FREE STANDING UPLIGHT - HEAVY BASE MAKES IT SAFE FOR KIDS' ROOMS - The Brightech Lucas works with Alexa / Echo, Google Home Assistant & Apple Homekit (Siri) to turn on/off. (Requires smart plug sold separately.) The heavy base makes this lamp very unlikely to tip, even if knocked by kids or pets, a feature helpful in general and especially for guest rooms. 20 YEAR LIFE WARM WHITE LED BULB INCLUDED: This Brightech lamp includes an LED bulb rated to last 20,000 hours, which works out to a 20-year life with normal use (about 3 hours/day). You never have to replace a bulb and save 90% on your electric bill in comparison to incandescent bulbs, because LED doesn't waste lots of energy by producing heat. This also avoids accidental burns if you touch the light. BRIGHTECH'S 3 YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY: We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%, which is why we offer a full 3-year warranty. If your lamp has any defect or stops working within 3 years, we help you troubleshoot and/or send replacement parts or a whole new product. If any problems arise, please contact us because our number one goal is customer satisfactionRead More
LED Floor Lamp, Executive Style Maple Eucalyptus Exotic Wood Shaded Light
LED Floor Lamp, Executive Style Maple Eucalyptus Exotic Wood Shaded Lightby Anzy
The LED sophisticated lamp is always ready to turn in a strong performance while staying focused on the bigger picture. No matter what role Lucas needs to fill in your living or work space, this prestigious flame keeper will always be prepared to get the job done using a very particular set of skills with style. Liven up your den while investing into cost effective LED lighting equipment providing practical warm light that will help you save money on your power bill for years to come. The glowing shades illuminating from the ambient light of Lucas cast an empowered aura into any room's atmosphere. Easy install lights such as the Lucas diffuser shade lamp are the perfect solution for renters, apartment lease situations, dorm room dwellers, and even homeowners who might not have time to install more complicated lighting fixtures. No holes to drill, no sheet rock to cut, and no hassle to setting perfect mood lighting for any occasion! Replacement Bulbs Made Easy. Brightech designed Lucas to have a standard E26 socket base for the included LightPro LED Bulb. These bulbs feature 800 Lumens of 3,000 Kelvin color temperature illumination that lasts for over 45,000 hours. Modern Luxury, Stylish Design The sturdy base and designer elliptical shaped Maple Eucalyptus Wood pole of Lucas are constructed from high quality materials before being christened with stylish shades and brushed steel accents. A switch located on the pole of this shade lamp conveniently provides a simple way to set perfect lighting for any occasion. From bachelor pads and diva lounges to family living rooms or professional waiting rooms, the LED Floor Lamp will look and feel right at home. - LED Floor Lamp brings a touch of elegance to any living room, bedroom, office space, executive suite, library or study, and anywhere else - Fine woodworking with silky smooth lighting - Refined sophistcation - The stylish form and relaxing, shaded light - Advanced LED lights always keep it cool and never generate heatRead More