Landers 10-Piece Watch Box, Mahogany
Landers 10-Piece Watch Box, Mahogany
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Accessories NOT included | This High Gloss Mahogany Automatic Watch Winder is perfect for those with both perpetual and battery powered watches. The two multi-functional turn tables can hold a total of 10 watches, four Automatic watches and 6 battery watches. This watch box is a great gift or for personal storage of your prized possessions. Should you want to put your watches in a SAFE, this watch winder is suitable as well with the battery powered option. All you need are 2 D batteries (not included) and your watch winder will be good for 2 months without changing the battery. For those who want to display the box outside, an AC power adapter is included. Keeping your precious watches wound in this special case, saves money in the long run by keeping the Movements lubricated with the natural motion of the human hand (while turning.) The will give your watch a longer life without the trip to the watch dealer. Keeping the watch wound will save the need to adjust the time the next time you wear it. Interior: Beige

Knob program settings:

  • Setting 1: Off- does not move
  • Setting 2; Clockwise rotation- runs for 2 minutes and stops for 6 minutes, and repeats.
  • Setting 3: Counter Clockwise rotation- runs for 2 minutes and stops for 6 minutes , and repeats. Setting 4: Dual Rotation setting:- this setting the winder will turn clockwise for 2 minutes, stops for 6 minutes, then counter clockwise for 2 minutes, stops for 6 minutes. This option lets you have dual watch styles placed within the same turn table.
  • Setting 5: Longer visible rotation- this setting will turn clockwise for 5 minutes then counter clockwise for 5 minutes. This will run continuously for 3 hours and stops for 9 hours and repeats
Landers 10-Piece Watch Box, MahoganyBy Nathan Direct
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  • Mahogany

    2 Colors: Mahogany

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