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Landscaping Stones and Pavers

Beautifying your outdoor landscape is a careful balance between soft greenery and the hard lines of pavers, retaining walls and landscaping rocks. While these may not initially jump out at you as ideal choices when you begin planning your landscaping, their strong contrast, texture and functionality shouldn’t be overlooked. Of course, landscaping takes a good amount of planning, so it’s best to educate yourself on the choices you have available before you outline your final plan. Read on for some tips and information on how you can add landscaping stones, pavers and retaining walls to your landscape.

What kind of retaining wall is best?

If the main purpose behind your retaining wall is functional, you’ll most likely want one that’s professionally built with reinforcement components. However, if your retaining wall is meant to simply provide aesthetic appeal, you can choose more decorative components and even build one yourself using retaining wall blocks and other materials. Either way, your choice of materials includes:

• Wood and timber: Easy to install and long lasting if treated properly, these are the most common materials used in retaining walls.
• Concrete: Available in a wide range of styles, concrete blocks are low in cost, easy to install and surprisingly lightweight. You can choose between interlocking, hollow, solid and half hollow styles, all of which are highly customizable.
• Natural stone blocks: Though they’re typically the most expensive choice, natural stone blocks have a unique look all their own. You can find them in blocks, units, irregular and regular shapes.
• Stone blocks: Though they’re manmade, stone blocks are crafted to resemble real stone. They’re also fairly affordable.
• Brick: Pest, weather and fire-resistant, brick retaining walls are versatile and durable enough to stand the test of time. They also don’t rot or corrode and have a timeless appeal.

For more ideas of how a rock retaining wall can add style and functionality to your yard, check out our article “10 Rock Wall Ideas for a Style-Strong Patio”.

What kinds of pavers should I choose?

Pavers can create long, winding pathways or decorative patios that simply beckon you outdoors. These relatively inexpensive stones can transform your outdoor area thanks to their wide variety of decorative yet durable materials, shapes and colors. Materials include:

• Natural stone: With a beautiful range of natural colors and textures, natural stone is available in dozens of styles. Flagstone and fieldstone remain the most common, however. These two styles work best as stepping stones leading to a garden or through your lush landscape. Flagstone can also be used to build a patio.
• Limestone: Another type of natural stone, limestone pavers are best used as decorative edging. Use it to separate a garden plot from your yard or to fence off landscaping from the lawn. Limestone’s durability means it will hold up against your weed trimmer and lawn mower, not to mention harsh weather conditions.
• Brick: Genuine brick, which is made with clay and shale, provides extreme durability and rich, long-lasting color. You can also opt for cheaper brick that’s manufactured from concrete and aggregate. This cheaper alternative is dyed, however, so you can expect the color to fade over time.
• Precast concrete: Made from cement and aggregate, concrete pavers can be dyed to the color of your choice. This style is molded into various shapes, including interlocking designs that increase the ease of installation.

Want more ideas for creating a gorgeous patio or pathway with pavers? Take a peek at our article “Patio Pavers Rock Out”.

How can I use landscaping rocks in my yard?

Depending on how you wish to use them, landscaping stones can vary in size from large boulders to gravel-sized river rocks. You can use smaller styles to replace mulch and create a weed barrier around plants, shrubs and trees — even those housed in containers. Larger boulders can be used to add height, texture and contrast in your flower garden. Try layering flowers around your landscaping stones. If you find a boulder that simply calls to you with its unique shape, colors or textures, make it the centerpiece.

Discover even more ideas for adding landscaping rocks to your garden or yard by reading our article “Easy-care Landscaping with Rocks and Boulders”.
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Featured Reviews of Landscaping Stones and Pavers

Tan Fleur De Lis Stepping Stone Wall Plaque
Landscaping Stones and Pavers
June 19, 2017
Unique Fleur de Lis: Love my new Fleur de Lis wall plaque. It has a lovely color with unique lettering accents. Looks great on the wall over my mailbox. Looked at a lot of Fleur de lis plaques and this one is so very different. I love it.
Glow-in-the-Dark Pebbles for Walkways and Decor, Pack of 100 by Pure Garden
Landscaping Stones and Pavers
August 22, 2017
Perusing the web site was challenging at times but after several false starts, I was finally able to place my order but there was a problem with my bank ( I was back in Oregon at my daughter's when I placed the order) so I only received the pebbles a few days later.: Perusing the web site was challenging at times but after several false starts, I was finally able to place my order but there was a problem with my bank ( I was back in Oregon at my daughter's when I placed the order) so I only received the pebbles a few days later. They are not as bright as what the photos show and I doubt I will be ordering any more from this web site.
Decorative Cast Iron Yard And Garden Stepping Stone, Turtle, Rust Brown
Landscaping Stones and Pavers
January 13, 2019
These are adorable.: These are adorable. I like the fact they are metal as they will last forever...just need to give them a clear coat spay every year to keep them from rusting. I will be ordering more.....they are a bit smaller then a normal stepping stone, but that is fine with me.
Fish in Water Stepping Stone Mold
Landscaping Stones and Pavers
August 19, 2018
Paints up beautifully.: Not the strongest mold I have but lasts as long as they state. Because it's so heavy I recommend that after you poor cement you do the shake by shaking a board underneath and not by tapping/flipping the edges.
Sand Dollar Stepping Stone Mold
Landscaping Stones and Pavers
April 15, 2018
Love the design!: Haven't used it yet, but comes with clear instructions and is made of a heavier material than most molds. Described exactly as in description, would definitely recommend to others. Will keep an eye out for and other beachy designs of these : )
Flat Egg Rock Caribbean Beach Pebbles, White, 3" to 5", 30 Lb.
Landscaping Stones and Pavers
December 20, 2018
They where larger than what I needed so 3” to 5” are big.: They where larger than what I needed so 3” to 5” are big. I was still able to use them for my stepson’s grave site at the cemetery which was the purpose I bought them for. They looked beautiful in white nice and polished rocks give any area an elegant look. I will be ordering 1 box of the next size down the 1” to 2” to fill in the spaces in between the bigger rocks. So imagine a grave site plaque memorial with a border of rocks a round the outer edge forming a rectangular border. One box was more than enough to fill that area. If you have a larger square size area then you would need to purchase more than one box.
Rosa Beach Pebbles, Pink, 3" to 5", 30 Lb.
Landscaping Stones and Pavers
October 24, 2017
Beautiful for creating our rock garden: We used these in combinationwith the Mexican Beach Pebbles for a memorial rock garden for our son who passed away recently. The rocks arrived in great shape and were true to size, and flat enough for our needs. Thankful to find these rocks!
Lava Pebbles, 20 lb., 1" to 2", Black
Landscaping Stones and Pavers
July 18, 2018
As Expected: The lava rocks I ordered for our propane powered fire pit look awesome. They came quickly and were neatly packaged. Very happy with my purchase. They are as stated and pictured.
Oasis Landscape Pebbles, Medium, 30 lbs.
Landscaping Stones and Pavers
March 19, 2017
Fabulous Pebbles: I was in need of beach pebbles, and could not find them. so i started to search on line. found them but not the right size and i did not want them polished. i was looking for pebbles raw right from the beach. then i saw houzz and they had them! perfect for my needs. they arrived quickly and in perfect condition. exactly what i wanted!

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