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Reclaimed Wood Tuscan Trestle Base Table, 84"x44"x31"
Reclaimed Wood Tuscan Trestle Base Table, 84"x44"x31"
About: This rustic trestle base table has rustic, old world charm. A thick trestle base made with reclaimed wood in a refined shape supports a distressed wooden top. The top that is shown, is made from planks of distressed alder. It will have a wonderful antique texture which is a characteristic of antique restoration tables. This rustic trestle base table design is both elegant and sophisticated. It will compliment Tuscan, Mediterranean, Rustic, Refined Mountain, Lodge, Country and Ranch decors. The top is a glazed finish which we call Urban Graphite. The base is also mix of glaze and stain in what we call our Old World finish. Be careful not to fall for a line of tables sold by a large national brand that do not have a clear coat finish. There are thousands of complaints about these tables staining after the simplest of spills. Our rustic trestle base tables are sealed and will not stain. With proper care you will be passing them down to your kids and then their kids. Care: The use of harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia is not recommended and would void the standard warranty. Regular cleaning with a warm, wet cloth and mild dish soap is recommended. Standard furniture polish, such as Pledge, can be used to bring the table back to a nice luster. Coasters are recommended but not necessary. Trivets/hot pads for pans are required as a very hot pan could compromise the finish.Read More
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