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Modern desks are sleek, clean, and stylish making them ideal for creating a trendy, modern workspace that will keep you focused in style. If you don’t have a specific modern office desk in mind already, let the professionals at Houzz help you find the perfect one with these tips for furnishing an office.

1. Determine Which Modern Office Desk Type is Right

The first thing you should consider is what sort of desk you need for your workspace. For example, you can find modern computer desks with cord management solutions that hide all of the wires in your workspace, or slim writing desks for simple tasks like homework and crafts. On the other hand, if you’re furnishing your own office, you might look for a modern receptionist desk, with a tall front section that offers privacy. Of course, you may use your office for a number of different tasks, in which case, you should think about what will make you most comfortable and focused. Modern standing desks are becoming increasingly popular, and can save space if you’ve got a small work station.

2. Pick A Modern Desk Shape

You can also find modern desks in a number of different shapes, so look for one that will complement your work zone. If you’ve got a dedicated home office, going with a modern L-shaped desk can be a great option, as it’ll anchor the room and provide you with plenty of work space. Alternatively, corner desks are perfect for creating a contained work spot within a bedroom. Still, you may find that the most basic rectangular shape suits your needs just fine, in which case a small desk with drawers might be all you need.

3. Choose a Style and Finish You Love

In general, modern desks feature clean, straight lines and little embellishment, but you can also look for variations on that style. Completely black or white desks will easily give you that sleek, minimalist look. But if you’d like a bit more textural contrast in your office, go with a an industrial desk that mixes metals and dark woods. When you’re choosing a style and finish, it’s important to consider what sort of mood will be most conducive to your work. If you find lighter colors are more soothing to work with, opt for a Scandinavian or Danish desk made of teak or white oak.

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