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White Daisy Quilt Clips set of 2
White Daisy Quilt Clips set of 2by Little Elephant Company
Beautiful quilt clips that transform your treasured baby quilts and comforters into charming hanging artwork for your child's room. Very easy to use. *** This listing is for a pair of 7 petal daisy quilt clips. The daisies are white with bright yellow centers. These quilt clips are perfect for garden and daisy themed bedding sets. Each daisy measures 3.75 inches in diameter. How many quilt clips do I need? - For a quilt that is still stiff and new, you will only need 2 quilt clips for up to 36 inches wide. Many people will do 3 quilt clips just for the look, though. For a quilt that has been washed and is pliable, 2 clips will be sufficient for up to 36 inches, but you may want 3 clips to help keep the center from sagging. For a quilt 36 to 42 inches wide, use 3 to 4 clips. For a quilt 42 to 50 inches, use 4 to 5 clips. How do the quilt clips work? - The only hardware is needed is a long nail, approximately 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" in length. - Measure how far apart you would like the clips to be. - Decide how high on the wall they will be placed and mark your first spot. Using a level, measure out and mark the second spot. - Place your nails into the wall at a 45 degree angle. IMPORTANT: If your nail is not at a 45 degree angle, the clip may slip off the nail. - Clip the quilt and slide the back of the clip over the nail. What are the clips made of? - Designs are made of layered wood. A few of our designs also have layered felt. - Clips on the back are a sturdy plastic so as not to damage your fabric.Read More