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Skovby SM 24 Expandable Table in Walnut
Skovby SM 24 Expandable Table in Walnutby Skovby
Product Options: Arrival Timeline: Special Order - 8 to 12 WeeksColor: Walnut Lacquered VeneerSkovby Rectangular Extending Dining Table SM 24 This Skovby table is the big brother of SM 23. It might be hard to think that a table which can extend to 10 feet might have a big brother, but look on the works of Skovby, ye mighty, and despair. This table can extend to an incredible 11.5 feet, and features three hidden leaves to get the job done. It's modern looking, and available in many different finishes, just like its brethren.What's to Like: This is the biggest extending table in the stable. We're a poet that didn't know it; make a rhyme every time.What's Not to Like: This is the biggest extending table in the stable. So if you don't have need for a table that gets that big, look in other parts of the...stable.Bottom Line: Extending the stable metaphor to the breaking point, this is the Clydesdale, with all the size and grandeur that implies. But sometimes you aren't looking for the most powerful. This incredibly long table can be extended to a length of over 11.5 feet using three leaves that store under the table top when not in use. The extending dining table's linear, strong profile suits modern decor and simple tastes very well, while the number of veneer and solid wood choices available make it easy to match with your color scheme no matter what it may be. Some assembly required. SM 24 Dining Table Features: * Extends from 78.7" to 140" in length * Also available with 3 extra leaves in your choice of finish, to extend the table to 201.6" in length (Call us at (888) 467-6278 for pricing) * Each table leaf measures 20.5" x 39.4" * SM 24 Dining Table internally stores up to 3 leaves * Seats 8 when closed, 14 with three leaves, and up to 20 with optional three extra leaves (not included in price) SM 24 Table ExtensionRead More
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