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With a modern couch or modern settee, you can have both style and comfort without sacrificing either one. Whether you’re going for casual modern or formal modern, the main elements of your sofa will be the same: straight or angled lines for a smooth and simple look. Straight lines and angles may sound harsh, but they create the sleek and clean feel that makes up modern design. Learn how to spot a modern sofa from a mile away and how to choose the right one with the following tips.

Modern Sofa Design

While shopping, look for these specific characteristics to find modern sofas for your space:

  • Cushions: Tight, smooth cushions that are integrated into the sofa create a tailored look and will help bring a modern vibe to any room. Cushions should be very well structured if you prefer loose ones.
  • Upholstery: Leather and velvet are typical fabrics in modern style, but really any upholstery will work if the shape of the couch is right. A leather sofa is a perfect piece to bring a contemporary touch to a space, while velvet will add a hint of elegance.
  • Arms: Square, flared or smooth, rounded arms all work with modern styles, but lean towards the squared-off designs for an authentic look.
  • Features: Aside from the shared characteristics above, modern couches tend to showcase a few distinct features such as tufted or channelled back cushions and raised frames that expose simple legs.

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