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Illuminator Laser Lights by Sparkle Magic, Indigo Twilight, Blue
Illuminator Laser Lights by Sparkle Magic, Indigo Twilight, Blueby Sparkle Magic(3)
The Sparkle Magic Illuminator Laser Light is a revolutionary, time saving, portable laser light that allows you to decorate any surface in a kaleidoscope of brilliant color. Simply plug it in, point it towards your house, tree, or wall, and then adjust the dial until you achieve the desired effect. As compared to bliss lights, the Sparkle Magic Illuminator laser light comes standard with a suite of mounting accessories that allow you to install the laser in a variety of positions. In addition to being weatherproof, versatile and extremely easy to use, the Illuminator uses less energy than traditional decorative lights. Join the revolution in indoor/outdoor decorative laser lighting. The minimalist inspired design is the perfect hassle-free solution for decorating any surface with 1000s of glistening lights in just a few minutes. The patent pending, portable Illuminator Laser Light in Indigo Twilight (Blue) is engineered with high quality, durable components for years of enjoyment. What is the Illuminator? The Illuminator Laser Light is the future of indoor/outdoor decorative lighting. Designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, the Illuminator is a patent-pending, high tech laser light that allows you to cast dazzling, colorful lights onto any surface. The hassle-free setup allows you to install it anywhere in minutes, just remove the light from the box, attach the flexible stem and base, then plug in and point. It's as simple as that. Compared to traditional Christmas or party lighting, the Illuminator is more energy efficient and easier to use and our patent-pending light has an adjustable dial that can produce seven different lighting effects, allowing you to change the appearance nightly. The Illuminator Laser light is ideal for weddings, holiday lighting, special occasions, or for adding a distinctive touch to any landscape. Built with quality, durable components, the Illuminator was designed from the ground up to be a lightweight and portable lighting solution. Made from aluminum casing and weighing only 3 ounces, the Illuminator is designed to withstand the effects of harsh weather and is engineered to provide years of enjoyment. How much area does one Illuminator cover, what is the light spread? The coverage is approximately 25 feet by 25 feet (approx. 8m x 8m). The further you move the Illuminator from your target, the wider spread you will achieve. The spread will narrow the closer you move the Illuminator to your target, and the light spots will be closer together. How is the Illuminator powered? Will it work outside the United States? The Illuminator Laser Light comes with a power adapter with cord that plugs into any 110-volt wall outlet. With a suitable adapter, the Illuminator will work in countries outside the U.S. The plug is currently to USA standard. At this time, we do not supply the 220/240V adapter. How much power does the Illuminator draw? How long is the cord? The power consumption is less than 0.8 amps, less than 5 watts, much less than a florescent bulb. The cord is 52 inches and the plug is to USA standards. Is the Illuminator waterproof? Yes, the Illuminator is waterproof and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Please note: Bulbs not included.Read More
300 LED Grow Light
300 LED Grow Lightby GrowPRO 300 LED Grow Light
The commercial grade GrowPro 300 rivals the output of a 600 watt metal halide or HPS grow light. Featuring massive, multi-watt LEDs and broad spectrum coverage for a 16 sq ft garden, plants grown under the GrowPro 300 produce lush leaves with fruits and flowers. The GrowPro 300 is a plug and play grow light. - it works right out of the box. No additional ballasts, reflectors or cooling equipment are required and when used as recommended, the GrowPro 300 will pay for itself in a little over a year. With a 35,000 hour life-cycle it's easy to see why the GrowPro 300 is the easy and smart choice for today's large indoor & greenhouse grower. Features •Up to 80% more energy efficient than Metal Halide or HPS lamps •Large 16 sq ft coverage area •Up to 5 Pro 300s can be daisy chained together for single timer control •No expensive bulbs to replace - Zero maintenance costs •Can be used with any indoor growing method - hydroponics, aeroponics, soil •Discreet - No thermal footprint •No need for additional cooling equipment, ballasts or reflectors •Integrated hanging kit included •Safe to operate - no risk of fire, burns or exploding bulbs •50,000+ hour life cycle •Environmentally friendly •Two year warranty •Recommended height above plants: 2-4 feet above your plants (adjust as needed) DO NOT PUT YOUR PRO 300 CLOSER THAN 18" TO YOUR PLANTS. Doing so will result in stunted growth with very tight inter-nodal lengths. By keeping the lights at least 18" above the canopy, your plants will reach for the light increasing the inter-nodal spacing. The GrowPro 300 delivers 100% pure PAR light so if you put it light too close, the plants won't 'work to get to the light'. This is the exact opposite of how you would normally use an HID or T5 light. Coverage Area: 16 sq ft. When the GrowPro 300 is the primary grow light Up to 25 sq ft. When used as a supplemental grow light Lighting Times/Photoperiods (adjust as needed) Vegetative Stage: 14-16 hours Flowering Stage: 10-12 hours Not intended for outdoor use. GrowPros are intended for indoor gardens and greenhouses only. Power: 300 watts LEDs: Multi Watt / Multi Spectrum Suitable For All Phases of Growth (veg & flower) - see lighting characteristics chart for wavelengths Voltage: 100-260v AC (universal voltage power supply - can be used worldwide) Operating Temperature: -30F~+110F Unit Dimensions - 17.5" x 11" x 3" Weight: 18 lbsRead More
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