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eLEDing 5th Gen Hybrid Microgrid AI Smart Twin LED Solar Flood Light in Ivory
eLEDing 5th Gen Hybrid Microgrid AI Smart Twin LED Solar Flood Light in Ivoryby eLEDing
EE828WAI, eLEDing, Green Energy, Microgrid, Dual Head Solar Light offers outstanding quality and reliability. Built and integrated with World's 1st of USA AI-SMART tech as a software based version for a wide range of general lighting applications. This newest generation light is equipped with two ultra-bright LED illuminators they provide a brightness level equivalent of up to 50 x 50W+ Halogen lamp (1200lm+). It can be used for most lighting installations, replacement of AC or outdated solar lights with backup power outage ability. Its innovative AI-SMART lighting profiles offer true Dusk-to-Dawn all night long under four seasons lighting capability. It has flexibility with auto compensation of critical weather and different geographic locations without frequently manual adjustments or APP/remote control setup, and it always automatically manage critical status of Sun-power source. eLEDing, AI-SMART solar lights present a significant improvement above current solar lighting performance operating with its 5G Artificial Intelligent Power Management (AIPM) System. It provides users 1-step Power-ON for Dusk to Dawn illumination all night long. This light is embedded with an exclusive pure digital hybrid lighting engine. Features : • Material: Aluminum alloy • Finish: Ivory • Light is designed to be fully functional in a wide variety of climates, it has a standard weatherproof IP-64 weather resistance rating and the operating temperature range is from -4°F (-20°C) to +125°F (+52°C). • Smart-on profile for lighting adjustments based on geographic location, overall year round sunlight conditions and optimization of lighting performance with built-in auto-compensation of energy power management. • Ultra-bright with 2 angle adjustable powerful 5-watt high efficiency SMD LED illuminators of light head providing daylight white illumination and wide area lighting coverage. • Adjustable user controls that enable tailoring 180°-270° to your personal illumination preference. • Intelligent Power Management (IPM) for lithium battery power management enables this light to provide continuous illumination for up to 60+ hours when operating in the smart profiles and it is capable of true Dusk-to-dawn lighting in all seasons. • Smart profiles provide a higher fixed brightness up to three hours after dusk then covert to reasonable brightness level of moonlight lighting with sensing feature. • Then pulling up to max brightness within movement detection period for all night long without disturbing neighbors and reduce light pollution. • Equipped with an industrial high grade lithium battery that has a significantly higher power density and a life cycle that lasts up to 10-times longer than regular lead acid and older technology batteries. • Lithium battery is light weight and non-toxic, with smart battery monitoring using a flashing red LED to indicate: battery charging status during daylight, walk-test initial set up status and low battery status during night time operation. • Equipped with a ruggedly built high grade industrial 8-watt tempered glass solar panel that provides superior solar energy collection and is extremely durable providing long life operating cycles in any environment or harsh weather conditions. • Light body is built with lightweight polycarbonate (PC) which gives this light fixture higher durability, an increased level of impact-resistance and a very high level of UV resistance for outdoor applications with long life operating cycles. • Embedded with ePIR technology that provides pure digital motion detection with an adjustable detection range of up to 60 ft. x 60 ft. x 180° plus direction adjustment flexibility. • DIY mounting installation is quick and easy with this contemporary designed solar light fixture which offers full adjustability in directing of the LED light head projection, motion sensor head detection and positioning the solar panel. • Multiple unit microgrid installations with distributed power generation are simple and easy to install with multiple lighting units being powered by a single extra-large size solar panel to benefit new construction projects or remodeling projects. • Built with high quality materials it has major components from renowned semiconductor MFG providing up to 10+ years operating life cycles. • Two 5-watt LEDs, zilog - MCU, 30WH Li-poly battery and high UV resistant (PC) light body and tempered glass solar panel. • eLEDing brand renewable green energy solar powered microgrid lights are highly reliable, very user friendly, affordable and offer unlimited practical uses for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial, outdoor and indoor applications. • Set with the solar panel at outdoor. • Can be used for general lighting coverage of walkways/bike baths, street lighting, exterior building wall lighting, playgrounds, patios, construction sites and security/safety CCTV enhanced full color image white-light illuminations. • Motion sensing • Dusk-to-dawn Specifications : • Product Dimensions : 5"H x 5"W x 5.5"D • Product Weight : 4 lbs • Wattage : 8WRead More
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