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Halogen Outdoor Lights

China Path Area Light, Standard
China Path Area Light, Standardby Cast Lighting
This rugged solid bronze path/area light provides a soft glare-free illumination. With thick-gauge copper stem and solid Eurometal stake, this fixture will never bend or break. Includes 25-ft marine-grade wire and 10,000-hr. 25-watt krypton-halogen lamp (bulb). Lifetime Warranty Solid bronze hat and vase; PTFE Coated Eurometal stake Heavy-gauge copper stem Optional sprinkler shield Pre-wired with 25 tin-coated No-Ox marine grade wire High-temp socket Spider Splice ready Dimensions and Weight: Stem, Body and Hat: 22" tall x 7" wide Stake: 8.5" Weight: 7 lbs. Lamp Specifications: 12V S8 Wedge Base (35W max.) 25W Lamp/Bulb included Listing : UL 1838 Listed Low Voltage Luminaire for wet locations Construction: Hat and Body: Solid Sand-Cast Bronze Stake: Solid PTFE coated Eurometal Stem: Heavy duty copper (unthreaded end to secure in stake with set screw) (0.115" wall thickness) Socket Assembly: High-temperature composite S8 socket rated to 220degrees C Wiring: Tin-coated No-Ox marine-grade wiring (inside fixture and external 25 ft. lead); socket wire crimped and environmentally sealed with waterproof shrink tubing and fiberglass sleeve. Fixture Record Tag: Not included; solid etched copper with stainless steel attachment ring. Packaging: Hats packed 3/box. Stem assemblies (CSAA) 3/box. Warranty Lifetime warranty on all components. No warranty on incandescent lamp. 5-year warranty on LED lamp. To convert this fixture to LED, purchase the CAST LED Path Light Module (CALED2). This unique LED module is engineered to replace the incandescent lamps in all CAST path lights*. The unit is equipped with a plug that mates with the S8 Wedge-Base Sockets used in these fixtures. The heavy-cast module body provides a highly effective heat sink to allow use of two high-power, warm white, 60,000-hr. Cree LED's. Mounting hardware and anti-corrosion conductive socket grease included. *Except CCH5CB, CSA1CB, and CBAL1CB. 50,000 hrs. life (L70) Integrated LED light source with superior moisture protection and thermal management. Brighter than our incandescent version. Glare-free illumination. Accepts 8 - 18 volts AC or DC. Includes fully potted LED driver. Installs in seconds using existing S8 wedge-base socket Warm white color temperature (2,700K) and high color rendering index (84 CRI) that closely matches incandescent lighting. Includes protection from voltage spikes and surges. Will not interfere with remote control devices - RFI filtering. Lamp Specifications : LED Light Source : (2) Cree Warm White LED's with fully potted driver and robust heat management. Color Temperature : 2800K Color Rendering Index (CRI) : 84 Input Voltage : 10v to 24v AC or DC Input Power : 4.4 Watts; 0.85 pf LED Light output : 270 lm Fixture output : 270 lm (varies with path light type) Ambient Temperature Range : -40C to 50C Life (L70) : 60,500 hrs. Current Regulation : Transient Voltage Suppressor (rated to 36V) EMI Filtering : Yes Reverse Polarity Protection : Yes, polarity independent Component Details : No electrolytic capacitors, all components rated for high ambient temperatures Emission Standards : FCC Class B Conducted and Radiated Environmental : RoHS Plug/Socket : High-temperature S8 Wedge-Base plug with protective conductive grease Listing : UL 1838 Listed Low Voltage Luminaire for wet locationsRead More
CAST Lighting Craftsman Bronze Spot Light, Ccsl18336b
CAST Lighting Craftsman Bronze Spot Light, Ccsl18336bby CAST Lighting
These compact solid bronze directional lights and wash light feature fully integrated and sealed LED's. Choose from (4) directional models with high-quality fixed optics with a selection of lumen levels. These directionals have fewer advanced features than Impressionist and Classic fixtures (so have a lower price point), but share the high levels of durability and performance that define 'CAST Quality'. Applications Small compact fixtures great for uplighting/wash lighting landscapes, shrubs, trees, and architectural features. Features Five High Quality Options (See other products with different lumen output and angle degree) (CCSL10536B) Bronze Spot Light - 36 Beam Angle, 105 Lm (15 watt halogen equivalent) (CCSL18336B) Bronze Spot Light - 36 Beam Angle, 183 Lm (25 watt halogen equivalent) (CCSL18354B) Bronze Spot Light - 54 Beam Angle, 183 Lm (25 watt halogen equivalent) (CCSL25036B) Bronze Spot Light - 36 Beam Angle, 250 Lm (35 watt halogen equivalent) (CCW270B) Bronze Wash Light - 120 Beam Angle, 270 Lm (35 watt halogen equivalent) Durability CAST Solid bronze for unmatched corrosion resistance Unbreakable bodies, hats, stems, and stake No coatings to peel, flake, chip, or fade. No threads that weaken stems Marine-Grade Tin-Coated No-Ox Wire for lifetime electrical conductivity Performance LED components integrated into fixture bodies to draw heat away from the LED's for maximum longevity and performance Premium-quality LEDs deliver consistent color temperature and accurate color rendering. Superior lenses and optical elements for exceptional beam quality. Electronics protected from electrical spikes and surges Electromagnetic radiation (EMI) filtered to prevent interference with wireless devices. Other Components Craftsman Series Light Engine Modules (Click Here!) CAST Lighting magnetic toroidal core Transformers: Journeymen 75, 150, 300, 600, & 900 Watt and Master Series 900 & 1200 Watt CAST No-OX Tin-Coated Marine-Grade Wire Available in #8/2, #10/2, #12/2, #14/2, & #16/2 gauges. Astronomical Digital & Mechanical Timers Photo Cells Seamless non-insulated crimp connections & Heat shrink for wire connections Dimensions: Body: 4.5" Stake: 6.5" Knuckle: 2.5" Construction: Solid sand cast bronze body and base Solid sand cast bronze Stake 5' tin-coated #18-2 No-Ox marine-grade wire. Lifetime warranty on all components LED Specifications: CCSL10536B (15 watt halogen equivalent) LED Light Source: 1 Cree LED's, Life(L70) 51,400 hrs. Color Temp: 2736�K CRI: 81 Input voltage: 10 to 24V, AC or DC Power: 2.8 watts, .26 amps, Power Factor: .89 Volt Amps: 3.15 Lumen output-fixture: 89 lm Center Beam Candela: 358 FCC compliant for EMI interferenceRead More