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Free up your closet, nix the need for a dresser or stash seasonal belongings with a storage platform bed. These nifty pieces of furniture double as both a bed and a place to store whatever you need. Since platform beds don’t require box springs, they open up a world of possibilities to fill in that space with everything you want to hide away. Whether you’re storing occasionally used gear, like skis or snowboards, or creating an unexpected bookshelf, check out the following ideas to maximize your new platform bed with storage.

Get the Most Out of Your Bed

Storage will likely be at the forefront of your mind when selecting your new bed, but there are plenty of other features and options that you may not have considered. For example, some platform beds pull out to create a bed that’s double the size when you unstack two mattresses, so you can go from a twin to full bed instantly! With features like that, you’ll be putting platform beds with storage in every room of the house. To pick the storage that best meets your needs, consider these common types:

  • Drawers: Choose from multiple smaller compartments or one to two larger drawers, depending on what you want to store. The beauty of drawers is that they can extend the depth of the whole bed and easily be pulled out, allowing access to things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.
  • Open Space: Empty compartments without doors or drawers are ideal for using baskets and bins to corral your items. Go for design-worthy baskets to make your storage part of the space’s decor, or leave them open and create a bookshelf beneath your bed.
  • Cabinets: If you forego the drawers, you can easily hide away belongings behind cabinet doors or sliders. This option might be good if you don’t have the space to pull out deep drawers.
  • Lift-Top: For truly hidden storage, try a lift-top storage platform bed. This option is best for those who need to access items infrequently, as it’s often tougher to lift up the entire mattress and frame to get to the compartment beneath.

Most of these options can be optimized even further by adding dividers to create the ultimate organized bed. Whether you need drawers, shelves or something custom, think about the placement of your platform bed frame with storage in relation to the rest of your space. Some styles allow access to the storage from the foot of the bed, others from the side, and you’ll need to plan for room to pull out drawers or open doors depending on the design. Either way, make sure to figure out the placement of your queen size storage bed before falling completely in love with one.

When buying a new bed, you also need to consider size. A full size bed frame with drawers is a great option for a child or a teenager. A full size bed with drawers will provide some much-needed storage but is also not too large, which is great for one person — and also a good space saver for a small bedroom. A queen bed with drawers is a better option for an adult or a couple. A queen size bed frame with storage provides more sleeping surface area, but it still provides the all-important storage underneath. For a more modern look, try a queen platform bed frame with storage instead. A king size storage bed is the ultimate luxury, since it provides plenty of sleeping space and storage — enough for the whole family!