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Serving Platters

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If you have large family dinners or frequently entertain, your serving platters probably get a lot of use. From passing out hor'dourves and displaying sweets to bringing the turkey to the table, platters can serve endless purposes. These handy oversized serving dishes come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and materials, so even if you already have one, there’s no harm in stocking your collection for all occasions. Read on to learn about the various serving platter types and uses.

What types of serving plates are available?

If you buy one piece of serveware, make it an oversized serving plate. These pieces are truly multifunctional; they can accommodate bite-sized appetizers or be used to consolidate utensils, cups and other dishes on a tabletop. Since they are available in all different shapes, consider what you will be serving most often on it. Rows of cheese and crackers would do well on an oval or rectangular platter, while a whole chicken would fit best on a round design. If you need to keep foods separate, go for divided serving platters to keep dips and such contained. Be mindful of dishes that might be juicy, like a turkey, and ensure that the platter has slightly raised sides prevent messy leaks. Also, designs with raised patterns have the potential to trap food particles and be difficult to clean, so avoid these if you aren’t willing to spend the extra time cleaning.

How can I use a serving platter when it’s not in use?

You probably aren’t serving food all day and night, so instead of stashing your platters in the cabinet after washing them, find them a more visible home. Some designs are interesting enough to stand on their own, or can be a great backdrop for decorative accents. Always seem to have a jumble of things in your entry table? Help organize keys and protect your tabletop by using a divided platter. For those who love candles, try using a metal or glass platter beneath a collection of candles to both showcase them and safeguard the surface below from melting wax. Make sure not to use wood, plastic or any other material that can melt or catch fire. In the event that you like this new found use better than the platter’s intended purpose, just roll with it and pick out another one for serving food!

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